Talent List


Altium (7 Yrs)

  • laying out Routing
  • PCB footprints
  • Routing differential pairs
  • high-current designs
  • high-speed designs
  • microcontroller-based hardware designs

  • PCB Layout Design.

  • Schematic Capturing & verifying.

  • Gerber Edition & Layout QC using CAM350, Valor, View mate, Altium, EasyEDA.

  • Knowledge of Design of Manufacturing (DFM)/Design of Assembly (DFA).

  • Knowledge & experience of electronic components and their Package Information Like BGA, QFN, SOT.

  • Experience in concern Areas like Aerospace, IoT, Embedded designs, Power Electronics, Industrial Automation.

  • Develop and maintain a component database, including schematic symbol library and footprint library.

  • Basics of Signal Integrity (SI)/Power Integrity (PI) Analysis.

  • Coordinating between Hardware and Testing Teams for Product Validation and Documentation