Talent List


Data Engineer (11 Yrs)

  • Django framework
  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • Python
  • GIT
  • Linux
  • My SQL

  • 11+ Years (Aug 2012 - present) of experience in programming and Software Development 

  • Currently working on ,PHP, Python, Django Framework,  Codeigniter, Symplicity Framework, MySQL, MVC , JavaScript, React Js, MYSQL MVT based projects.

  • Successfully implemented projects from requirements gathering to deployments.

  • Experience in development, monitoring service-based projects and deploying new features.

  • Handling client side development using jQuery, AJAX and HTML/CSS.

  • Designing flow and UI according to requirements and client description

  • Understanding client's requirement & writing program code accordingly

  • Having B1/B2 USA visa valid update - 2027  


DevOps (5 Yrs)

  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • GIT
  • Linux

  • 5+ years of strong IT experience in Software Configuration Management and DevOps engineering.

  • Build Management – Experience in tools such as Jenkins, Maven, and Nexus for build management.

  • Hands-on experience with Configuration Management Tools such as Ansible and Expertise in writing playbooks and creating Roles for Scalability and Reusability in Ansible. Worked in cloud AWS services EC2, VPC, S3, Cloud watch, Terraform and IAM, SNS, ECS, Security Group, NACL in vpc, RDS, Route53.

  • Worked on serverless architecture such as AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.

  • Worked on configuration management tool Ansible.

  • Involvement in developing APIs using Kubernetes to manage and specify the copies of the containers to run the actual servers in the cloud environment. Scheduled, deployed, and managed containers.

  • Managing the environments on-premises Windows and Linux environments as well as cloud AWS.

  • Good understanding of Database Management Systems.

  • Setup a Monitoring and Analytics tools Prometheus and Grafana.

  • Experience with Continuous Integration toolsets (Jenkins, SonarQube, Maven) and Continuous Deployment methodologies.

  • Having knowledge of Container Management and Orchestration Software like Dockers, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

  • Experience in creating VPC, Subnets setting up EC2 instances, and adding instances to respective subnets.

  • Deployed configuration management and provisioning to AWS using Terraform.


DevOps (5 Yrs)

  • AWS
  • Maven
  • Shell Scripting
  • JIRA
  • Linux

  • Experienced DevOps Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of AWS cloud based solutions.

  • Skilled in using GitHub, Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible to optimize, automate, and manage DevOps processes.

  • Utilized AWS services such as EC2, S3, CloudFormation, and RDS to build and deploy cloud solutions.

  • Developed monitoring and alerting solutions to ensure system uptime and performance. Proficient in creating and managing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to improve scalability and cost efficiency.

  • Developed scripts and processes to increase the reliability of production systems, and reduced downtime. Successfully implemented an automated CI/CD pipeline to improve the development and delivery of applications.


Veritas Cluster (10 Yrs)

  • Linux
  • VCS
  • VXVM

  • Overall 6+ years of experience as System Administrator in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Knowledge on Booting Process of Linux.

  • Installation and Managing Linux RHEL 6, 7, 8 and 9 servers through HPSA tool.

  • Demonstrates an ability to manage multiple project deliverables on multiple projects effectively

  • Responsible to provide Linux Technical support Linux servers remotely via Email, Chat & Phone.

  • OS Patching can handle though HPSA and BladeLogic tools in Weekends

  • Monitoring vulnerabilities and providing and implementing solutions to fix servers vulnerabilities through HPSA and BladeLogic tools.                

  • Worked on User & Group administration, Create, Modify, Delete User Profile as per request.

  • Changing File & Directories Permissions, Compressing and Creating Links

  • Experienced in Configuration and Administration of NFS on RHE Linux Server Environment.

  • Reviewing system and application logs and verifying completion of scheduled jobs.

  • Administration   on Network Bonding in RHEL.

  • Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving network issues related to the servers.

  • Root password recovery

Domain Experience

  • Worked for Pavani Enterprise Pvt ltd as System Administrator from 2nd Aug 2010 to 18th June2016, Ongole,AP.



Cloud Security Specialist (12 Yrs)

  • AWS
  • Linux

  • 12+ years of professional experience in Linux administrator.

  • 6+ years of professional experience in AWS.

  • 3+ years of Exp in AWS Cloud Security

  • Completed AWS/AIX administrator certifications.

  • In-depth knowledge in monitoring the servers and system performance.


Cloud Architect (16 Yrs)

  • AWS Cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Database Management
  • DevOps
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux
  • Database Management
  • DevOps
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

  • Having core 16 + years of multi skills experience and Cloud expert.

  • Having strong expertise on automation and SRE.

  • Excellent command on Linux (RHEL Linux Certified).

  • Implemented infrastructure for Italian automobile company and successfully migrated on premise to AWS cloud.

  • Reduced cloud infrastructure cost by 30% by optimization strategies.

  • Optimized cloud infrastructure performance resulting in 99.99% uptime.

  • Improved site reliability by 25% through automation (monitoring, deployment, and log detection)


LDAP (4 Yrs)

  • AD
  • LDAP
  • Linux
  • REHL

  • Around 4.2 years of IT industry experience as a Linux Administrator on REDHAT LINUX.

  • Knowledge on booting process of Linux.

  • Worked on user & group administration, Modify user profile as per request.

  • Creating hard links and Soft links for files and directories as per request.

  • Knowledge on different RAID levels.

  • Installation, Configuration and Administrating LVM on Linux Servers.

  • Install the packages by using RPM and YUM to Linux servers and also build the yum client.

  • Experienced in scheduling jobs using cron and at.

  • Changing Permissions and Ownership of a file or Directory.

  • Cleaning log files and compresses old logs on OS File Systems.

  • Experience in Root password recovery, boot block recovery.

  • Implementing BONDING in LINUX configuration.

  • Knowledge on TCP, UDP, FTP, DHCP protocols

  • Worked with File System includes LINUX file system, NFS file system.

  • Running fsck on file systems when the file system is in inconsistency mode.

  • Experienced in Configuration and Administration of NFS, AUTOFS and NIS.

  • Experienced in Performance tuning servers through top, vmstat.

  • Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving network issues related to the servers.

  • Administering and fulfilling the user needs.

  • Handling issues on bridge calls.

  • Good experience on performance tuning servers through top, vmstat.


DevOps (8 Yrs)

  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Linux
  • CI/CD
  • GIT
  • HTML
  • JIRA
  • Maven
  • Nexus
  • Shell Scripting
  • Sonar

  • Result-oriented professional with over 8 years of experience in Software Development, People Management entailing Product Security, DevOps and Release Engineering, supporting 24x5 coverage; targeting senior level assignments with an organisation of high repute.

    • Customer Focused Professional with proven success in exceeding quality of service commitments and resolving complex & critical clients issues within set SLA

  • Rich experience in build process using Apache ANT to perform builds efficiently and deployment of the application using Tomcat, Apache

  • Rich experience in DevOps involving design, architecture and implementation of next generation system architecture & automation solutions; subject matter expertise in DevOps best practices with Version Control System, using Code Coberage Tools, Product Security, CI/CD, automation, site reliability engineering

  • Expertise in providing Technical Design and Leadership to multiple engineering teams, ensuring applications are integrated and adhered to stated architectural and design principles & standards

  • Experience in Writing Playbooks to automate our build/deployment process

  • Successfully developed and maintained tools, solutions and micro services associated with deployment while  ensuring compliance with standards

  • Hands-on experience in working on AWS provided Solutions like EC2, ELB, VPC, Route 53, RDS, S3, IAM, Cloud Watch

  • Skilled in implementing, configuring, securing, performance & load balancing, system administration, software deployment, and support of our scalable cloud environment.

Core Competencies:

Project Planning                                           Post Implemnt. & Maintenace Supp.          Application Lifecycle Management

Build & Production Deployment                  Release Management                                  DevOps – Build and Release

CD & CI Set-up & Process                            Production Systems Architecture              Team Management