Talent List


PLM - Teamcenter (15 Yrs)

  • Configuration
  • Development
  • ITK
  • PLM Teamcenter

  • 15.1+ years of experience in design and development/customization of PLM Teamcenter, integration, and testing of mission-critical control systems.

  • Proficient in functional requirements gathering/management through system analysis, process documents analysis, design, and development.

  • Extensive experience in TC13.2, TC11.5, TC 10.1.7, TC 9.1, TC 8.3, and TC 8.1 server side, rich client and thin client customizations using C/C++, ITK, JAVA, JavaScript, BMIDE, and XML rendering Style sheets.

  • Experience in many end-to-end PLM Teamcenter implementations which include data model design and deployments through BMIDE, server-side and client-side customizations, SOA-based solutions, CAD integrations, and other engineering application integrations.

  • Hands-on experience in Active Workspace 3.0 customization.

  • Work closely with our clients (with internal cross-functional teams) to provide solutions to client-specific detailed Requirement Definitions, gap analysis, and use cases.

  • Teamcenter Data migration from one site to another site by using TC Low-level XML site consolidation tools, TC data extract in CSV format using SQL.

  • Hands-on experience in developing workflow Rule/Action handlers, Post actions, and Runtime properties, BMIDE, and in various TC modules like Workflow Designer, Access Manager, Query Builder, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing work instructions, etc.

  • Possesses rich expertise in TC Solutioning, TC Implementation (TC Customizations and Teamcenter Configuration (Application & BMIDE)), and management as well as other Object-Oriented Applications using C++. Curl-based customization to transfer datasets from TC to SIFT

  • Support and mentor the development team during the implementation process (software coding, consultancy, documentation, review, test, etc.).

  • Experience in integrating UGNX, Auto-CAD, and Solidworks with Teamcenter.

  • Good experience in C++, VC++, MFC, VxWorks, XML schema, and Schematron.

  • Good hands-on experience in GUI design and development for Mission-critical Control systems using Tilcon 5.7 and Tilcon 5.3.

  • Experience in software model development and generating automated code using IBM Rhapsody 7.2

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with good analytical power.


PLM - Teamcenter (6 Yrs)

  • Admin Team center
  • Development

  • StrongTeamcenterimplementationskills

  • Good ITK Customization skills

  • Worked on User Exit, Server Exit and Custom Exit

  • WorkedondifferentTeamcenterimplementationandcustomizationprojects

  • Good Client handling experience

  • Good analytical and problem solving skills

  • Have worked on Change Management module

  • Good experience on IPS uploadutilityfor data migration

  • Performedconfiguration and customization on Schedule Manager module

  • Have worked on AWC 3.x & AWC 4.1

  • Have experience in AWC Configuration

  • Good knowledge of AWC Search Filter Configuration

  • Good knowledge of AWC Stylesheet Configuration

  • Have configured Content tab in AWC

  • Configured Classification search filter

  • Good Knowledge ofBMIDE tool

  • Haveaddedvariouscustomdatamodelobjects, modified property constants and global constantsusingBMIDEtool

  • Experience in Teamcenter RAC customization

  • Have worked on ADA License module

  • Haveexperienceinconfiguringand adding rulesinAccessmanager rule tree

  • HavecreatedproductstructuresinStructuremanagerapplication

  • ConfiguredvariousWorkflowsandusedHandlerstocustomizetasks

  • CreatedcustomqueriesinQueryBuilderapplication

  • Experience in using Utilities for Item rename, plmxml import, plmxml export, clearlocks

  • DefinedGroups,Roles, UsersandPersonsinOrganization

  • Worked with SVN version control software.


PLM - Teamcenter (10 Yrs)

  • Functional
  • Development

  • Experience in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Teamcenter Implementation and Configuration.

  • Good knowledge of Teamcenter installation (2-Tier and 4-Tier) Administration and CAD integration.

  • Have good exposure on Teamcenter’s different modules like Organization, Workflow Designer, Structure Manager, BOM structure, Check-In/Check-out, Import/Export, Command Suppression, Query Builder, and Authorization.

  • Have created the Stylesheet for Item Create and Item Summary.

  • Worked on different Utilities like make user, item rename, clear locks, data share utility etc.

  • Knowledge towards integration of UGNX with Teamcenter.

  • Experience in modifying data model using BMIDE (Creation of template project in which business object types and configuration of different rules like GRM, deep copy rule, naming rule, revision naming rule display rule etc.).

  • Experience of AWC 4.1 Installation and Patching.

  • Knowledge towards Basic ITK customization.

  • Configuration of Visual studio, Creation of Item, form, Dataset, folder, Creation Action and Rule Handler using ITK.


PLM - Teamcenter (8 Yrs)

  • Configuration
  • Development

  • Total 8 year of experience primarily in the domain of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and customization of tools especially in Teamcenter Administration, Configuration, Installation, Support and customization of Teamcenter with ITK, RAC, SOA.

  • Attended international level workshop of Agile development and practice.

  • Worked on Scrum agile methodology.

  • Completed German language A1 certification

  • Experience in dealing with diverse clients with different language and geography.

  • Considerable Knowledge of AWC Customization

  • Good exposure in customizing Teamcenter using BMIDE.

  • Setting up of new Teamcenter environment and license management

  • Good experience in various Teamcenter modules like My Teamcenter, Structure Manager, Workflow Designer, Organization, Query Builder, Access Manager, Project, Workflow Viewer

  • Data Import/Export & reports creation using PLMXML.

  • Good exposure of Teamcenter System Engineering, Requirement Management.

  • Handling Production server independently including BMIDE deployment maintenance.

  • Completed B.E.(I.T.) from Pune University with First Class grade

  • Recognised as best Onsite employee from sales team.

International Experience:

  • I have been onsite to kick off the project with client for tenure of 3 months.

  • Worked as onsite coordinator for gathering requirements work on highlighted issues.


PLM - Teamcenter (5 Yrs)

  • Admin Team center
  • CAD Management
  • Development

  • Dedicated, honest, and result-oriented Corporate Support and development with 5 years of experience in helping employees from different sectors develop job skills and perform to their employees' expectations.

  • Strong familiarity with the working environment of manufacturing sectors and the ability to train others in using industry technology and enhancing company products.

  • Adapt to designing and delivering training and learning content to individuals at different levels.

  • Good Knowledge of CAD/PLM.

  • Ability to work with a team of dedicated professionals for achieving the deadline for the execution of work.

  • Self-Motivated and team player

  • Ambitious, positive attitude, hardworking and fast on-the-job learning are my strengths


PLM-Agile (8 Yrs)

  • Administration
  • Development
  • Migration
  • Support

  • Worked extensively on Oracle Agile PLM Product Collaboration module.

  • Having knowledge of Oracle Cloud PLM (Innovation Management, Product Development and PDH).

  • Hands on of experience of configuration and creation of Ideas, Proposals, Concept, Requirements in Innovation Management of Cloud PLM

  • Hands on of experience of configuration of items classes, Item Structures, Setting up the item attributes (Flexfields) and PD Change order in Product Development of Cloud PLM.

  • Hands on of experience of configuration of OTBI Reports, NIR set ups, define the various item rules in PDH.

  • Hands on experience in Security Console, Scheduled Processes, Reports and Analytics and Manage Configurations of CLOUD PLM.

  • Have done many testing for users like Parts creation, documents creation, CO and CR creation, structure link, Assign approver and optional approver in workflow in Oracle Cloud PLM.

  • Having good experience to support our client through Oracle SRs.

  • Have worked with Oracle to fix the CLOUD PLM related issue through OWC and also worked on Finest log.

  • Good experience in Agile PLM Event Framework, SDK development, Process Extensions, URL PXs, Groovy Script and Agile Configuration.

  • Configure Agile Content services (ACS) to interface downstream systems.

  • Oracle Agile PLM Installation and Configuration in Standalone (Agile 9.3.3 and Agile9.3.6).

  • Oracle Cloud Product Lifecycle Management Certified Implementation Specialist.

  • 8 years of IT experience with Techno Functional expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (Oracle Agile PLM) and Oracle Cloud PLM. 

  • Have been Part of Agile PLM Implementation, Support and Custom development projects. 

  • Have been Part of Oracle Cloud PLM Support and Configuration projects.

Various roles including:

Enterprise Resource Planning Specialist

  • Agile PLM Consultant 

  • Agile PLM Associate Consultant

  • Agile PLM Techno- Functional Consultant

8 years of Technical and functional experience in business process development, implementation of Oracle Agile PLM, administration, maintenance and support. Worked on both Configurations and Customization. Part of the Requirement analysis and Design Solution Team. Experience in writing the Technical and Functional design documents.


PLM-Agile (4 Yrs)

  • Administration
  • Support
  • Development
  • Integration

  • Product Lifecycle Management practice. With over 4 years of consulting experience, he was involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Data Migration, Testing, Training, Implementation, Integration, Upgrade, Support and Maintenance projects. He has good exposure to using ERP/PLM applications and PLM-ERP Integration. His client list includes multiple companies across Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. He encompasses strong team-building capabilities combined with excellent technical, communication, presentation, and analytical skills.

  • Business and Functional Requirements: Responsible for understanding business processes and problem faced by end user, identify the root cause for these problems and fix these issues in the Test and Production environments

  • Discuss and analyse the changes to be made in Agile System with Business Users and implement the same in Agile.

  • Functional testing and documentation

  • Checking the ticketing system periodically, responding to them as per ticket priority. Working with the change analyst and Interact with the key end users and business owners to map applications to standard business processes and conduct gap analysis

  • System Administration: Agile Administrator related activities includes:

    • Starting/Stopping the Agile Application, File Manager and Autovue both in windows and Linux.

    • Working with the Oracle to resolve the issues related to File manager.

    • Periodically Executing Acollect to check the health and performance of the Application and working further to resolve the health/system performance issues.

    • Periodically Executing Averify to check the consistency of the data in the database and working with Oracle, executing the script provided to resolve the issues.

    • Installation of patches to resolve the bugs within the application.

    • Configured ACS- Agile Content Services to extract relevant information from Agile System.

    • Respond to user’s ticket raised in Track-IT System with correct resolution within given time.

    • Changing the password for LDAP Agile and updating the password in the web logic level.

    • Working with the Oracle to resolve system performance issues and coordinate with the network team to resolve the network related issues.

    • Understanding and sharing the root cause for P1 issues.

    • Support cutover and post-go live activities, performing the sanity checks before start and stop of application.

    • Coordinating with the SCMnet team and Change Analyst to resolve the data relates issues causing the SCMnet error, logging into the SAP ERP to find the root causes of the errored ECO.

    • Monitoring web logic periodically to track if there are any stuck threads.

  • User Administration: Managing User - User Creation, Managing Roles, Privileges and Criteria, adding users to the LDAP, interacting with the user to understand what roles and responsibilities will be taken care by the user and assigning the access accordingly and checking with the key stake holders before assigning the roles of super users, creating roles, user groups and assigning it to user as applicable.

  • Configurations: Configurations changes, Loading of new List values for cascade list, workflow changes, criteria changes.

  • Workflow Management: Creation and Modification and migration of workflow between the instances.

  • Moving the Criteria between the instances using import and export.

  • Configuring additional Sub-classes and Attributes list values.

  • Refresh of Non-prod instance with Prod Instance: Taking the back-up of the settings LDAP, File Manager Configuration, Events, Subscribers, Destination, keystore backup and reverting it back after the refresh.

  • •Development and Data load:

  • Single point of contact for customer to gather requirement and explain it to technical team.

  • Guiding technical team on business requirements

  • Developing POCs

  • Maintain incidents in Track-IT system and bring them to closure

  • Logging Service Request with Oracle support for the Bug’s found in Agile application

  • and follow up with them in getting a fix.

  • Using Data load to mass update the values.

  • Development of Code to extract the data.

  • Development of Groovy script to set validations in agile to prevent Updating of Manufacturer details if the manufacturer is in the Obsolete State.


Oracle (9 Yrs)

  • Cloud
  • Development

  • 9+ Years of experience in analysis, design, development, deployment,and production support of various Integration applications using Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle SOA Suite 11g & 12c as a Middleware Technology.

  • 3 Years of experience in development & support of end-to-end integrations using Oracle Integration Cloud by creating required connections, look ups and mappings in OIC.

  • 6 Years of experience in Business Process Integration, Service Orchestration, and routing using Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL, OSB, Mediator, Adapters, B2B).

  • Experience on Implantation of Oracle B2B by Configuring Trading Partner Set ups like Document Definition, Partner, Agreement, Batching, Deliveryand Listening Channel for EDI Transactions in B2B.

  • Experience in development of Integrations using Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) using the adapters like File, FTP, Oracle Sales Cloud, SOAP, DB and REST Adapters.

  • Experience on File, FTP, DB, B2B, JMS, AQ and Web Service (SOAP, REST) Adapters.

  • Experience on Fault handling using Fault handling framework.

  • Experience on Web Services and XML technologies like WSDL, SOAP, XML, XSD, XPATH, XSLT.

  • Experience on integration of various end systems like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Sales Force, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), WMS during development of OIC, SOA & OSB Integration Components.

  • Application packaging & deployment experience using Ant scripts.

  • Extensively worked on version control system tools like Tortoise SVN, GIT

  • Excellent understanding of complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for Waterfall Model and Agile Model.

  • Strong Debugging and Troubleshooting experience on Integration issues and Involved in BAU Operations

  • Can work individually or in a team, with the same level of efficiency