SAP - 8 yrs



PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Having 8 years of experience in SAP ABAP, ABAP development for HANA, good exposure in SD, Retail, MM, FI, PM, REFX, SRM & HR modules, development in SAP Implementation, Support, Rollout, Data Migration projects. My experience includes in various domains like Hospital, Electronics, Pharmaceutical,Packaging Films Manufacturing, defence and security Manufacturing and Banking.

  • ABAP Developer Experience 

  • Manage own workload, accurately estimate effort for tasks, and work with business users on priorities/goals, and work towards meeting those goals

  • Provide training to other developers as well as lead workshops and knowledge transfer

  • Perform solid unit testing of all development items prior to passing the development items to the business analyst, functional for minimal changes

  • Work with business Analyst, functional to help create all documentation

  • Document development changes and procedures for successful development execution

  • Provides technical expertise to the development team and business analysts.

  • Managing the work of junior team members.

  • Works closely with Functional consultants, project managers and clients.

  • Can work independently or as part of a project team.

  • Used to working in a fast paced environment.

  • Follows the agile approach.

  • Possibly lead and coordinate the work of a development team.

  • Performs code review and single point of contact for the ABAP developments.

  • Recognize the critical elements of complex application problems develop and evaluate data, determine solutions, and make logical recommendations.

  • Successfully delivered 450+ RICEF objects, most of them were UAT Critical.

Primary Skills
  • ERP

Secondary Skills
  • ERP
Other Skills

SAP HANA Implementation (17 months)

    • Client7:Defence & Security

    • Duration:May2021-Present

    • Role: ITA

    • Deliverables: Forms- Label Printing for Reservation and GRN.Conversion Programs - Six cutover programs using BDC and BAPI

SAP HANA Implementation (6 months)

    • Client 6:Global Conglomerate

    • Duration:June2021- November2021

    • Role: ITA

    • Deliverables:Reports& Forms- FI - Cash Receipt Payment & Print, GRN Ageing Report,SD- Sales Report for approval., Transfer of ownership output form.

SAP HANA Implementation - Product industry (8 months)

    • Client5: Food Industry,

    • Duration: 01st Oct’2020 –31st May2021

    • Role: ITA

    • Deliverables: SCM Reports – Stock balance sheet, Dedicated Vouchers

SAP Implementation & Support - Electrical Industry (17 months)

    • Client 4: Electricity Industry

    • Duration: 01st May'19 – 30 Sept’2020

    • Role: ITA

    • Responsibilities/ Deliverables: Technical Lead / Developer

    • Deliverables: HR Reports:Delivered SAP HCM reports for reservation roster, promotion, transfer travel process, reimbursement purpose creating custom infotype& designing the related screen, appraisal process.

      MM Report: Created a report for the PR details.

      SRM-Award report.

    • Responsibilities:

    • Guiding the junior developers in their developments.

    • Developing code as per requirement.

    • Handling the entire track for the developments deliver and need to deliver.

    • Handling direct meetings with the clients & understanding their requirements.

DCJ- Digitalization of Colleague Journey (SAP Data Migration) - Finance Industry (18 months)

    • Client 3: Banking Industry

    • Duration:Nov 2017- April 2019

    • Role: System Engineer

    • Deliverables:

    • Reports : Created 25+ SAP HCM related reports for data migration purpose

      Managing all the data files & their Background job processing downloaded from AL11.

      Data Migration related activities.

    • Responsibilities:

    • Developing code as per requirement.

    • Going savvy on the code optimizations, performance tuning, Background job processing, ALM process, software engineering skills.

    • Creating delivery plan for the offshore team & shares with the both offshore onshore team.

    • Handled all the technical documentation for both the offshore & onshore team as ITSDMLPD/ RTM documents.

GST Implementation & SAP Support - Logistic Industry (2 months)

    • Client 2: Shipping Industry

    • Duration: Sep 2017 to Oct 2017

    • Role: System Engineer

    • Smartforms: REFX_Tank Management, REFX_Bill

    • Conversions: Bapi for REFX Create, Change.

Implementation - Medical Industry (7 months)

    • Client 1: Govt. Medical, Hospital, New Delhi

    • Duration:Feb 2017- Aug 2017

    • Role: System Engineer

    • Smartforms: FI_Journal Voucher, payment voucher, MM_Purchase supply order, Rate contract form.

    • Conversions: Manual bank statement upload, Vendor master create, Vendor master change.

    • Enhancements: For Tcode F.29, Validation on DMS document, Inspection note print

Implementation + Support - Medical Industry (3 months)

    • Client 1: Pharmaceuticals Limited, Goa

    • Role:DevelopmentConsultant [Technical Team Size: 4 Developers.]

    • Responsibilities/ Deliverables: Developed

    Smart forms: Purchase Order, Commercial Invoice, Excise Invoice for SD and MM, preprinted stationary.

    Reports : ExportSales Register-Editable ALV report saving the change data in the custom table.

Roll Out for Belgium - Manufacturing Industry (4 months)

    Client 2 : Packaging Films Manufacturing, Belgium

    • Custom Table and Module Pool: Custom Table development andcreated a related sequence of screens for updating the data in the table through Table Maintenance Generator displaying different pop ups as required.

    • Smartforms: Cancellation Invoice, Intercompany Invoice, Workorder print form

    • Reports: BAPI for Material Master Upload, Change sales order report, Freight invoice report.

Implementation - Electronic Industry (73 months)

    Client 3: Electronics, Singapore

    Reports: Vendor line item Report, Sales Plan report, Mass update production order, Sales Order List

    Smartforms:Non Trade Invoice Form, Vendor Line item form, Non Trade CNDN Form.


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