PTC - Windchill - 14 yrs



  • Design and Reverse engineering of Automotive & Mechanical (elastic, plastic and metal) parts using CAD software specially Creo 3.0 with PLM 11.0 and beside that using Autocad & kiss soft. 

  • New Design & Development of Bicycle frame, E-BIKE frame, CVP Hub etc.

  • Design of machined parts, forging, sheet metal, plastic, Gear Blank Design.

  • Material Selection (Plastic, Sheet Metal, Aluminum, Machining, Rubber, spring) and/or localization.

  • Resources planning arrangement for the new product under development (Equipment: Testing, Assy line, etc).

  • Vendor Up gradation & Co-ordination between Internal & External customers or suppliers.

  • Problem solving & Support to Material, Engg., Quality & Production departments.

  • Technical feasibility study & conversion of customer requirement into specifications.

  • Knowledge & Implementation of PLM (product life cycle management) PTC Windchill 11.0, structure Manager, workflow designer, workflow viewer, access manager etc.

  • Very good know how of machining, forging, casting, sheet metal & other metal processes.

  • Very good know how of GD&T & tolerance analysis.

  • Dealt with Customers like Hero Moto Corp., Enviolo, Eicher, Cummins, Pinnacle, and Novino.

  • IATF Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 9001/IATF 16949.

Primary Skills
  • Windchill Customization

Secondary Skills
  • Windchill Business Admin
  • Windchill Support
Other Skills

Project Management, Automotive Design, Mechanical Designing, Reverse Engineering, E-Bike, Customer Relationship, Benchmarking, Prototyping, Windchill PLM, Creo, CAD, 2D/3D, GD&T, VAVE, PPAP, Testing, DFMEA, DRBFM, Customer Relationship, SAP


New product Design & Development, Prototype Development (167 months)

    Roles & Responsibility:

    • Concept generation for new product design/design modification to suit the requirement of customer.

    • New concept design & development for prototype products like: E-BIKE frame, CVP Hub etc

    • Co-ordination between CAD, CAE & Mechatronic team for finalize the design concept.

    • Generation the BOM, Selection of material & manufacturing process of new product development.

    • Responsible for all type of RFQ, design requirement for Feasibility & communicate with customer.

    • Responsible for customer requirement at NPD & production stage (Testing: EOL, Leak, Noise etc.).

    • Responsible for new development activities of HMCL & Enviolo Business.

    • Yield improvement, VA/VE & Localization of Imported Raw Material & Child parts based on Quality & cost data.

    • PLM Tools: Windchill PLM (installation, Business Administrator, upgrade, integration & Support).

    • Responsible for R&D audit activities (Internal & External).

    • Co-ordination with other department (Mechatronic, Quality) and vendors.

    Projects Undertaken:

    • Design & Development of E-Bike frame C & F series.

    • New Development of CVP-Bicycle Hub (High & low cost) for Enviolo (Nuvinci).

    • New Development of 2-speed hub (IGH) and EDU for MIFA & HERO CYCLES LTD.

    • Prototype Transmission parts Design for BMW, ROTAX, and POLARIS.

    • New Development Blank Design for gear box (1403cc) ROTAX, K5x (BMW), HD, and DUCATI.

    • New Development of HMCL high range bike sub assy. like (Swing arm, Main stand, and Chain case etc).

    • PLM implementation, upgradation & integration with SAP as project Manager (Hero Motors).

Design & Development Engineer (38 months)

    Roles & Responsibility:

    • Designing of all type of product through reverse engineering & CMM Data.

    • Designing of different type of Fixture & gauges.

    • Conversion of data into feasible design. 

    • Impart Training of UG NX-4, Pro-e Wildfire2.0, and Auto CAD 2004, Delcam power mill 7.0


    • Bus Structure design through reverse Engg.for Skyline 1075, Cruiser 4050 for Eicher Motors Ltd (Indore).

    • Fixtures for Cummins Turbo Technologies (Dewas).

    • O-ring Injection mold for Shakti pumps Ltd (Indore).

    • Bus handle Injection mold for Pinnacle Industries Ltd (Indore).

Design & Tool Room Engg (20 months)

    Roles & Responsibility:

    • Design & Development of new product Development (Prototype samples) for various customers

    • Interact with Vendors for New Part Development.

    • To maintain the documentation related to Design & Tool – Room.

    • Resources planning arrangement for the new product under development.

    • Implementation of “5S” of all stage of work.

    • Analyze the cause of variation and suggest counter measures for improvement.


    • Design & Development of Auto light component (front & rear housing & lens).

    • Design & Development of Warning Triangle.

    • Redesign of Injection mould for Front & Rear bumper.


Foreign Assignments
Deputed to Rotax Austria for Leading Engineering. Projects on Gear Box & for the relevant technical knowledge transfer with standards (Duration.: 1.5 Months)

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