Bachelor of Engineering


  • Database enthusiast with wide experience from developing to deployment of the code and also resolving Prod issues at times if required.

  • I have been working as a lead for the dev project to manage a team.

  • I have also been involved in getting the requirement baselined and defining the efforts required to achieve the same deployed in production.

  • With 12 years of experience, I am a grasper for new technology and adapt to them.

  • I am enthusiast to work in different roles and my communication skills have helped me get through difficult situations.

  • I am a team player but also believe in contributing individual.

Primary Skills
  • SQL
  • SSIS

Secondary Skills
  • JIRA
  • Python
  • SSRS
  • T-SQL
Other Skills
  • RDBMS: Sybase ASE, MS SQL Server 2012,2014
  • No SQL: Mongodb
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows 2008/2003
  • Programming: T-SQL ,  Shell, Python ,C
  • Tools: SSIS, SSRS, Perforce, SVN, Autosys, JIRA, GitHub, Bit Bucket
  • Domain: Telecom, Banking
  • Dashboard: Elastic Search, ELK, Kibana

Project 1 - IT Industry (36 months)

    • Upgrading the SSIS packages from 2008 to 2019.

    • Upgrading SSRS packages from 2008 to 2019

    • Data migration for MSSQL from 2008 to 2019

    • SQL server Agent jobs creation and migration

    • Understanding of the linked server, batch server and DB server

    • Creating the SFTP connections for file transfer

Project 2 - IT Industry (45 months)

    • Complete SDLC understanding.

    • Created Test Cases for Unit Testing as well as assisted the QA for testing of the various components.

    • Resolving SQL Server (Windows) to Linux connectivity issues/ errors.

    • Knowledge of Bulk Copy process for both Sybase and SQL server.

    • Understanding Monitoring tables in Sybase for performance counter to identify slow performing queries and fine tune them.

    • Using the MS SQL system tables and DMVs in SQL server for performance counter info extraction.

    • Created dashboard in Elastic Search which includes creating SQLs for the metrics and create reports for the same.

    • Involved in deciding for index creation, removal in databases.

    • Identify objects that are stale statistics, or any objects orphaned users, set up housekeeping.

    • Process Review/Documentation related to the latest coming up releases.

    • Fine tuning the Queries/Stored procedures.

Project 3 - IT Industry (34 months)

    • Identifying the slow queries and helping Application to fine-tune stored procedures.

    • Purging old data from various tables.

    • Review the changes under CCB for any schema changes.

    • Rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.

    • Working with customers on Application rollouts and server migrations.

    • Deploying new code base release to UAT and Production Environments.

    • Scripts to download new files coming from vendor.

    • Solving the Bugs Reflected by the Testing team.

Project 4 - IT Industry (9 months)

    • Updating the existing stored procedure in order to incorporate any changes requested by the customer.

    • Suggestions provided to the application team to tune the queries.

    • Providing fine-tuned stored procedures and creating views for different Support Teams

    • Identifying duplicate/missing indexes and providing detailed analysis to the App Teams.

    • Expertise in designing databases and capacity planning.

    • Execute procedures to accomplish short-term business goals.

    • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.

Project 5 - IT Industry (40 months)

    • Created scripts for downloading, parsing and loading the new vendor files.

    • Designing and implementing the change requests from Client.

    • Designing new shell scripts, procedures and tuning the old existing ones for better performance.

    • Knowledge of Bulk Copy Processes for Data Import and Export in Sybase.

    • Preparation of Test Scenarios for Change Requests and perform Unit Testing for all the Work requests.

    • Table partitioning to improve I/O access.

    • Using database level triggers code for database consistency, integrity and security.

    • Tested and Implemented procedures to detect poor database performance, collecting required information, root cause analysis.


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