SAP - 5 yrs

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science


  •  I have a total 5 years of experience during the initial years, I conducted assessments of the organization's demand and supply planning processes and systems.

  • This involved analyzing data flows, identifying pain points, and understanding business objectives. I have evaluated available technology solutions for IBP implementation and recommend the most suitable tools to support the organizational requirements.

  • Proven expertise in demand forecasting, procurement, inventory management, logistics management, and vendor development.

  • Adept at streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency. Strong analytical and communication skills, combined with a commitment to continuous improvement. 

  • This included configuring the selected technology solutions, integrating systems, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

  • Collaborated with Sales teams, Finance team, and external vendors to ensure a smooth implementation process.

  • My role was to establish and monitor mechanisms to track (KPIs) and measure the effectiveness of the implemented solution. This included developing dashboards, reports, and analytics to provide insights into organizational planning performance.

  • Also, I facilitated continuous improvement initiatives by identifying opportunities for further optimization within the IBP framework

Primary Skills
  • IBP

Secondary Skills
  • ERP
Other Skills
  • ERP / SAP IBP Implementation of SAP IBP, Data analysis, routine, BOM, Master data management,
  • CI-DS mapping with SAP to integrate business planning


Project 1 (12 months)

    1. Requirement Gathering: Understand demand planning processes, pain points, and desired outcomes. Gathering requirements related to data inputs, forecasting methodologies, dashboards, and integration with other systems.

    2. Oversee the entire supply chain process, including procurement, production planning, inventory optimization, and distribution, shelf-life management.

    3. Solution Design: Designing demand planning solutions within the IBP framework, considering the specific needs and constraints.

    4. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement effective supply chain strategies, resulting in a 20% reduction in lead times and a decrease in operational costs.

    5. Forecasting Model Development: Developing and implementing Demand and supply planning models.

                       tailored to the client's product portfolio, demand patterns, and business dynamics.

    1. Demand Collaborative Process: Facilitating the collaborative demand planning process by engaging,                                                                                                        

                      stakeholders from sales, marketing, finance, and other relevant functions.

    1. Collaborated closely with sales teams to incorporate demand insights and market trends into supply plans, leading to a fill rate.

                          Demand & Supply Planning

    • Developing and maintaining statistical forecast models using historical data and market intelligence.

    • Master data, model forecast, data realignment, PLM cycle management configuration.  

    • Analysing demand patterns, seasonality, and trends to improve forecast accuracy.

    • Creating time profile, planning area, managing planning level, key figure calculation logics, applying planning operator.

    • Integrating IBP with CI-DS & ECC/S4HANA system.

    • Monitoring and analysing forecast accuracy metrics, identifying errors, and taking corrective actions to improve forecast accuracy continuously.

    • ABC Segmentation methodology and new product introduction configured.

    • Time series base supply planning and demand sensing forecast automation.

    • Optimizing inventory levels to balance requirements and service levels, considering factors such as lead times, order quantities, safety stock, and demand variability, Logistic supports.

    • Generating and maintaining production and procurement plans based on demand requirements, inventory levels, lead times, and capacity constraints, tracking material movement.

    • Participating in S&OP meetings and recommending changes and continuous improvement in supply.

Project 2 - IT Industry (9 months)

    • Implemented and managed end-to-end demand planning processes within the IBP framework.

    • Model configuration of IBP, product life cycle management, and forecast consumption.

    • Configure S&OP, forecast consumption profile, Scenario planning, and driver base planning.

    • S&OP review meetings and facilitated consensus-driven forecasting, improving team communication and realignment.

    • Introduced an ABC segmentation system to categorize inventory items based on their value and demand, resulting in improved stock rotation.

    • Design process flow, demand review, supply review, Pre-S&OP.

    • Collaborated with the IT team to implement an IBP system, improving data accuracy and facilitating real-time tracking of shipments.

    • Promotion, NPI, manual forecasting, dashboard and control towers making.

    • Create a feasible supply chain process flow and safety inventory.

    • Create master data and material requirements planning. Capacity utilization supply planning.

Project 3 - IT Industry (18 months)

    • Configuration and setup of SAP IBP including Master Data, Planning Area, and Key Figure.

    • Develop a logistics process of FG material to dealers and reverse logistic activity for replacement.

    • EPM formatting creates report templates as user per business requirement.

    • Demand Planning Process Management: Taking ownership of clients' end-to-end demand planning process, including data analysis, forecast generation and demand collaboration.

    • Product-wise sale analysis, Inventory level analysis and segmentation.

    • New product introduction by replacing the old product.

Project 4 - IT Industry (24 months)

    • Design supply chain flow for demand, S & OP.

    • Configure master data and transportation data management.

    • Supply Network Design: Assisting in designing and optimizing the supply network to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

    • Route plan process improvement.

    • Manage Master data and transaction data and resolve tickets.

    • Focus on sale operation planning & and improvement in lean supply management.

    • Optimize the inventory through effective procurement planning.

    • Control tower, dashboard creation, data analysis, fill rate and TAT analysis.

    • Collaborating with sales & and procurement teams to ensure timely execution of plans and alignment with strategic goals.



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