SAP - 7 yrs

BCA - Computer Science


  • Experienced SAP Net weaver professional specialized in SAP PI 7.1/ PI7.31/ PI7.4 and PO 7.5 both Single Stack (JAVA) & Dual Stacks (ABAP)

  • 7+ years of SAP Experience in XI/PI/PO

  • Worked on SAP-PI/ PO Complex implementation and Support projects. Have End-to-End knowledge into SAP-PI/PO.

  • Experience in Design, Configuration, Implementation and Monitoring of SAP PI/PO.

  • Expertise in configuring SAP XI components like ESR, Integration Directory.

  • Experience in creating & working with collaboration profiles, design logical routings and working with collaboration agreements.

  • Experience in using Graphical mapping, developing Java UDFs.

  • Experience in Providing Guidance to the team show the ROAD MAP of the Project implementations.

  • Trained multiple Junior consultants on PI/PO Module

  • Experience in configuring ALE settings such as RFC destinations, Logical Systems, Partner Profiles and Ports in SAP R/3 and SAP XI for message processing.

  • Experience in configuring and troubleshooting of various adapters like IDOC, FILE, MAIL, RFC, SOAP, JDBC and SFTP, Ariba (AN).

  • Good experience working with ABAP Proxies.

  • Expertise in using Runtime Workbench of dual stack and Configuration and monitoring of Single stack for Message Monitoring, Component Monitoring.

  • Experience in handling various Integration Engine errors like Mapping, Outbound, Receiver determination and inbound binding etc.

  • Experience in Integrating with ECC & S4Hana system via PI/PO

  • Considerable exposure on RFC Function Modules

  • Expertise in Writing ABAP Query & understanding the logic of the programs


Primary Skills
  • SAP
  • ABAP
  • PI
  • PO

Secondary Skills
  • CPI
Other Skills
  • Operating Systems  :   Windows 95/NT/2000/2003/XP/Windows 10
  • ERP  :   ECC 7.4, S4, SAP PI 7.0, SAP PI7.3 and PI7.4 & PO 7.5.
  • Languages   :   ABAP/4, C, SQL, Java.
  • Database     :    MS-Access, Oracle, SYBASE, S4Hana.

Project 1. Smith & Nephew - IT Industry (60 months)

    Project Type  :  Implementation/ PI Production Support/ PI Ariba Implementation, Support & Enhancement  



    Client Description :

    Smith & Nephew plc is a British multinational medical Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is an international producer of advanced wound management products, arthroscopy products, trauma and clinical therapy products, and orthopedic reconstruction products. Its products are sold in over 120 countries


    As a PI/PO Lead consultant, I am responsible for :

    • Monitoring on different types of tickets like Business Incidents, Monitoring Tickets and change requests, Implementation of new interfaces according to business requirements from Business

    • Creating RCA Document if any problem ticket is been created on any issues.

    • Understanding the business requirement and creating the Technical documents for the same.

    • Adhering ITIL to ensure smooth process flow

    • Closely engaged with functional & technical team member for project’s

    • Personally, took the initiative and come up with innovative processes to ensure smooth completion of work by never missing a deadline and keeping the client satisfied.

    • Fixing the issues as per the severity by providing the effective solution.

    • Providing Technical understanding to the team when they encounter hurdles in development or support analysis

    • Working on incidents to ensure SLA is maintained as per the client requirement.

    • Sending the reports to the client regarding the breach analysis, new issues and the tickets log.

    • Worked extensively on different kinds of mapping issues and provided the solution.

    • Analyzing the Java UDFs written in graphical mapping and solving the issues related to UDFs and providing the best solution.

    • Monitoring the PI and ERP systems by using the standard available Transactions: SXMB_MONI for proxy messages & Configuration and monitoring as a part of PI monitoring.

    • Solved different types of typical configuration (ID) related errors.

    • Solving the issues related to Inbound and Outbound Queues.

    • Extensive experience in solving Idoc related issues and File port related issues.

    • Involved in solving the Technical Integration issues related to MM, SD and FICO modules by coordinating with the functional people.

    • Worked extensively with Basis team to fix the Firewall related issues between PI and third-party applications.

    • Take part in KICK OFF meeting of projects to understand the requirement from business and to take Team development in right direction.


    Responsibilities :

    • Created interfaces for Smith & Nephew to Integrate with MOH Poland

    • Created an Interface between 3rd party and SAP system via CPI

    • Worked on multiple enhancements projects

    • Prepared Data Mapping Excel sheet and tracked the mapping issues.

    • Prepared Technical Specification Document

    • Integrating with Multiple ECC & S4Hana systems as per the requirements

    • Created multiple 3PL interfaces as per requirement of logistic

    • Worked on Ariba PI Hotfix to change the version which is compactable to the current for smooth flow of messages

    • Developed Data type, Message Type, Message Interface, Message Mapping and Interface Mapping objects in Enterprise Service Repository.

    • Created RFC lookups to fetch the date from backend of sender SAP System.

    • Worked on Parameterized mapping to pass the value in ESR during the runtime.

    • Worked on multiple Interfaces to connect and to send the messages VIA FTP Directories. 

    • Extensively worked on SOAP AXIS Adapter

    • Created & Configured the Scenario’s in Iflow for ID Objects for Integration

    • Solved different types of typical configuration (ID) related errors.

    • Solved Ariba Related Issues post Go-live

    • Created ITK JOBS in SAP PI NWA for multiple Given URL

    • Supported the ITK JOBS for Supplier Integration Upload

    • Created Tickets on Service Now for PI Activity

    • Interacting with Client and keeping the client satisfied with prompt response for the business-critical issues.

    • Monitoring in C&M for the failures in Message Mapping on daily basis.

    • Resolving the issue of monitoring on the daily basis according to the error in the log

    • Extracting the payload according to the client either Before mapping (BI) or After mapping (AM) and checking the values to understand where the values are missing

    • Resolving the PI, P2 incident on time to maintain SLA

    • Checking on queues and the Connection and channels after the PI Down time.

    • Created Change request for the Interface to get approvals for CAB movement in Production.


Project 2. PAR PACIFIC INC (US Oil & Natural gas ) - IT Industry (32 months)

    Project Type  :   Implementation/ PI Production Support          


    Client Description :

    PAR PACIFIC INC, company whose headquarters are in Houston, Texas, owns operations in oil and production and midstream operations. Par Pacific owns the largest operating refinery in Hawaii which has a 94,000-bpd capacity, this distributes to 90 proprietary and additional independent retail locations under the Hele and 76 brands.


    Responsibilities :

    • Developed many complex data structures and complicated message mappings using mapping tools.

    • Used File Content Conversion parameters in File Adapter to read the fixed length and comma-delimited files.

    • Configured various adapters – SOAP, JDBC, SFTP, FILE, REST, IDOC, RFC etc. Involved in the integration testing with the functional, business users, and legacy system resources.

    • Internal communication between SAP systems & XI is accomplished through IDOCS, BAPIs and Function Modules. 

    • Imported Idocs from SAP R/3 System and mapped them with Flat files and XML files.

    • Analyzed Functional Specification.

    • Configured REST receiver adapter to work on business requirements.

    • Raised the issues and got clarified with the business analyst.

    • Prepared Data Mapping Excel sheet and tracked the mapping issues.

    • Prepared Technical Specification Document

    • Developed Data type, Message Type, Message Interface, Message Mapping and Interface Mapping objects in Enterprise Service Repository.

    • Configured the scenarios in Integration Directory by adding Business Systems into   business Services and creating Communication Channels, Receiver Determinations, Interface Determinations and Agreements



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