SAP - 10 yrs



  • SAP ABAP consultant with 7+ years of SAP Support and upgrades, and related technical development.

  • ECC 6.0 , EHP1 to EHP8 and S4 HANA implementation experience in all phases from Blue print to Go-live and post-implementation support.

  • Good functional knowledge of MM,SD,HCM,PP,FI,PS,QM modules that is required for an effective technical developer.

  • I have hands-on experience in writing technical specifications and development of RICEF objects -

  • Reports, BDC. Programming, LSMW, SAP Script & Smart Form, Dialog Programming, ABAP Query,

  • Screen Painter, Menu Painter, Function Module, User Exit, BADI, BAPI, and Data Dictionary.

  • Proficient in writing Classical and Interactive reports using ALV Grid control, modifying and creating layout sets in SAP Scripts and Smart Forms which involves cloning of Standard Driver

  • Programs and layouts according to the client’s business requirements.

  • Experienced in troubleshooting and performance tuning.

  • Good knowledge of SAP best practices utilized in technical development; competent in specifying which

  • processes can use SAP standard versus that requires enhancements, user exits, or modifications.

  • Developed technical specifications for interfaces, user exits and screen exits.

  • Good knowledge of SAP Scripts, Smart forms.

  • Experience in using workbench tools like SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis and ABAP Query.

  • Hands on experience in Performing Back Ground Jobs and Scheduling Jobs.

  • Good knowledge in Dialog programming and Object Oriented Programming.

  • Experienced in SPAU,SPDD Upgrades.

  • Experienced in ABAP on Hana.

  • Experienced in ABAP proxy.

  • Experienced in Object Oriented Programming.

  • Good knowledge in EDI, ALE, IDOCs and RFC and in User Exits, BADI’s and BAPI and Adobe forms.

  • Highly motivated with strong problem solving skills with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Primary Skills
  • SAP
  • ABAP

Secondary Skills
  • HANA
Other Skills

SAP Skills:

  • Reports : Classical, Interactive, ALV Reports,OO Alv
  • Conversions : BDC input session, Call Transaction, Direct transfer & LSMW
  • Interfacesm : RFC, BAPI
  • Module Pool : Screen Painter and dialog programming
  • Enhancements : User Exits, Customer Exit and BADI
  • Forms : SAP Scripts and Smart Forms
  • Web Technologies : Web services, HTML5,CSS


  • Operating Systems : UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 9x / 2000, XP
  • Programming Languages : ABAP
  • RDBMS : HANA DB, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 7/8.0/9i
  • Web Technologies : HTML5,CSS

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant ( MM, SD,FI,PS,HCM,PP) - Gulf Marketing Group, (17 months)

    • Developed report for employee regular and cycle salary display dynamic OO Alv report.

    • Developed atricle master creation using BAPI, FIORI and CDS View.

    • Plant wise material stock uploaded and PI offline count creation, using OOPS program.

    • Po tracking report using factory method.

    • Developed ABAP proxy interfaces to customer master data, billing data, payment files information to FTP server using CPI integration.

    • Developed purchase order details in xml format converting and stored on application server.

    • Pricing condition record creation and change using inbound proxy.

    • Daily wise sale order details has sent to the third part tools using outbound proxy.

    • Stock details upload on al11 directory using OOPS.

    • Developed goods check list form using OOPS concept.

    • SAP Fiori Dynamic Tile configuration.

    • Vendor Payment advice invoice sending to mail using OOPS concept .

    • Material Management to update the Storage locations in Material Master Transaction used: MM01.

    • Sale Order creation Using inbound Idoc. customer wise current open item and clear item details has sent to the PI using outbound proxy.

    • Customer posting and clearing generated using BAPI.

    • Incoming payment entry generated using BAPI.

    • I worked on scheduling activity.

    • Added custom field in Info Type 0009,0002,0004.

    • Developed smartfrom for Barcode creation.

    • Developed smartfrom for purchase order.

    • Developed company code wise article master report.

    • Developed Trial Balance report.

    • Developed Business Partner creation using the inbound proxy.

    • Developed Store Reconciliation Report.

    • Tender wise Retail Sales postings using BAPI.

    • Mass Upload for Insurance, Credit Card post and clearing.

    • Designing, and implementing interfaces and user exits.

    • Developed Payroll Reports, Time Management Reports.

    • Design and developed letter for due payments of customers using Smartform

    • SLED Tracking Report send notification for the Users.

    • Integrating web application and SAP R/3 system. A third party web-based purchasing application posts

      XML data to the XI plain HTTP adapter for purchase order creation. The purchase order data is mapped

      to RFC-XML; BAPI_PO_CREATE is then called to create the purchase order.

Updater Services (P) LTD - Senior ABAP Consultant ( MM, SD,FI,PS,HCM,PP) (15 months)

    • Generated the web service to JSAON format for Employee salary pay structure and arrears and PF contribution for each employee, after that payroll team will calculate the further process.

    • Developed the report to extract the new employee list using OO ALV.

    • We are migrating with Non-SAP application by using the TASKMAN application where we need new employee create in sap using BDC and BAPI and Web service using OOPS concept .

    • Employee attendance , bank information, Salary Pay structure store the oracle data base.

    • Developed background job program to blocking the each WBS element list, when vendor having outstanding due, and then we triggered email notification to corresponding branches to stop the salary details .

    • SMS send to each employee their own salary notification each month. Day wise salary cycle posting count , we are also sending SMS notification to payroll team for the status.

    • Developed report to extract the client wise employee list using OO factory ALV.

    • Employee wage register month wise and year wise created using Smartform.

    • Developed New report for employee period wise payment history using factory method.

    • Implemented the user exit where we need to change the invoice number based in Plant.

    • Implemented the user exit for blocking the vendor payment by using some flags.

    • Introduced the new tab in PO transaction where they can able to manage the custom fields like (wbselement, network, activity).

    • Developed the Module poll screen where the can able to release the bulk PO release and PO cancel for authorized person by using class.

    • Developed the Module poll screen create sale order,Purchase requisition ,Purchase order Using BAPI.

    • E-invoice Implementation using OOPS concept .

    • E-way Bill Implementation using OOPS concept.

    • Developed smart form vendor payment advice and convert to PDF send mail.

    • Smart form printing purchase requisition through Custom transaction.

    • Creating PO in UDS While Releasing PO Tangy Sales Order will create in Background using BADI ‘ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED’ ‘ZTANGY_PO_RELEASE’.

    • Tangy User create Delivery in VL01N Based on Delivery, Using Z Transaction ZGATER_ENTRY we will raise MIGO, Invoice , MIRO.

    • Period based customer service wise summary report using ALV.

ESAB, North America - SAP ABAP Developer (FI, MM, SD,PP&QM) (15 months)

    • Service purchase order creation, service entry sheet creation and MIRO process done through BAPI programming.

    • Developed an ALV Report Customer service tax details based on customer and date using ALV.

    • Vendor payment sheet automatically downloading smart forms.

    • Uploaded Salary joint venture through BAPI programming.

    • Uploaded Vendor General ledger posting details using BDC programming.

    • Developed smart forms for Purchase order details.

    • Developed smart forms for Customer invoice.

    • Developed smart forms for Stock transfer details.

    • Create screen program for vendor creation.

    • Module pool programming process order product production.

    • GST implementation in existing process.

    • Created BAPI for sales order creation from non-sap to sap systems.

    • Created BAPI for vendor house bank change details non-sap to sap systems.

    • Developed an ALV Report for plant and warehouse’s Stock and ROL Details based on Plant and posting period.

    • BDC creation Uploaded customer clearing details data from legacy system to SAP system using call transaction.

    • Developed an ALV Report for Vendor’s debit balance details based on given vendor name, date.

    • Developed an ALV Report to route wise sales analysis report.

    • Developed an ALV Report for Customer outstanding balance details based on customer, given date.

    • Mass purchase order upload using script.

    • Uploaded joint venture details through BDC programming.

    • Developed an ALV Report to Bank voucher details.

    • Based on general ledger account define in mb1a through User exit material.

    • Material code restriction in COR1 T-code (process order creation) based on user.

    • In T-code MB21 restriction for without stock material not allow to create reservation.

    • Sales order creation in reference field value store purchase order no and stored in standard table

    • Added new text field in fb60 and simulated.

    • Invoice date in MIRO should not be less than the migo posting date. A validation has done using BADI.

Vijay Dairy Farm & Product Pvt LTD - ABAP Developer (FI, MM, SD,PP&QM) (20 months)

    • Created classical Report by using ALV (ABAP list viewer) which display list of purchase documents per vendor.

    • Interactive report to list Pos for a given period, for a given PO type and a drill down list of detailed line items.

    • Outstanding PO Report: This report displays information for outstanding purchase orders for a given vendor.

    • Goods Receipts Report: A detailed report for listing goods receipts by material wise for a given period which contains detailed information like PO No, PO Date, plant, GR ref, GR date, Material description.

    • Down payment read Report: Program to find the Sales Orders those down payments have been received and to find Pur Req accordingly.

    • Designed and coded a BDC program for open purchase orders of know vendor (ME21) in Material Management.

    • To update the Storage locations in Material Master Transaction used: MM01.

    • Layout sets for printing purchase Order Required modifications to the standard PO printing format of Sap layout set MEDRUCK. So the standard print program SAPFM06P is copied into Z programs. Hence layout set was copied and modified to incorporate the additional windows and deleting the unwanted info.

    • Design and developed letter for due payments of customers using SAP Scripts.

    • To print Material Supply Reminder.

    • Developed an ALV Report for plant and warehouse’s Stock and ROL Details based on Plant and posting period.

    • Developed a Batch input program to upload Journals from legacy system to SAP R/3 database, the data was uploaded using transaction F-65.

    • Developed a Batch input program to upload Billing Refunds data from legacy system to SAP R/3

    • database, the data was uploaded using transaction F-02.

    • Creating Interfaces and Importing RFC and IDOC Interfaces.

    • Developed an user-exit in IE02 to send data to external system using Idocs .

    • Created and Updated Equipment’s using user exits at Batch creation.

    • Created Measurement points, Documents and counters then assigned to equipment .

    • Created new customer master warranties using transactions BGM1 .

    • Assigned master warranty and warranty counters to an equipment.

    • Created customized Info types and enhanced few standard Info types.

    • Developed Inbound and outbound interfaces.

    • Worked on BAPIs to pick the data from Qualification info type.

    • Created Report category according to requirement.

    • Developed BDC for the Transaction PA30.

    • Developed Bank files report for pay roll results and Pay slip report and smart form.

    • Worked on BAPI_PO_CREATE1 BAPI for Create purchase orders. 

    • Developed BDC Program to Transfer the Purchase Requisitions in flat file to The SAP by Using Transaction ME51. 

    • Created a Smart Form to generate benefits enrollment/confirmation letters

    • Implemented a BADI BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK to change the description of a material in transaction MM02.

    • Created custom implementation for standard BADI CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA in VD02 transaction to add the customer address details.

    • Implemented BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST to get list of orders and details for a customer.

    • Developed Bank files report for pay roll results.

    • Developed End of service benefits ALV report.

    • Developed a program for automating the payment runs FYP1

    • Worked on collections and disbursement for the payroll money movement.

    • Worked on Contract accounts, billing runs, invoice runs and enhancements related to FICAX

    • Developed a report program to display employee overtime information using info type 2005.

    • Developed a program to create an ALV report showing person, education, qualifications, position history and previous employer data. This program will use the PNP logical database.


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