Enovia 3D - 9 + Year

Bachelor of Engineering


  • More than 9+years of Professional experience in CAD and PLM Tool, Design and Development, Evaluation and Validation

  • Extensively worked for PLM/CAD Configuration, implementation, Support, Testing & Migration projects.

  • Experience in Industry process, Process plan, Manufacturing Process, EBOM-MBOM, Universal BOM, Creation of parametric/non-parametric 3D models with FTA and manufacturing drawings, GD&T and Tolerance stack up, Design reviews etc.

  • Certified Design Engineer

  • EKL Class Room Training

  • 3DEXPERIENCE-Template And-Rule Designer

  • 3DEXPERIENCE-Collaborative Business-Innovator

  • 3DEXPERIENCE-Collaborative Industry-Innovator

  • CATIA V5 Automation

Primary Skills
  • Creo 7.0

Secondary Skills
  • C++
  • EBOM
  • EKL
  • MBOM
  • My SQL
  • OOPS
  • SAP
  • VBA/VBScript
Other Skills

Professional Skills:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE-Enovia & Catia
  • Knowledge Base Engineering (KBE)
  • Enterprise Knowledge Language (EKL)
  • Functional Tolrences & Annotations
  • EBOM & MBOM Management
  • Change & Release management
  • Delmia Process Planner
  • Platform Manager(Admin)

Software Skills:

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Catia & Enovia
  • 3DEXPERIENCE -Delmia
  • Creo 7.0
  • SAP

Programming Skills:

  • VBA/VBScript
  • EKL
  • C++
  • OOPS
  • MySQL

Manufacturing Process:

  • Sheet Metal Process
  • Casting Process
  • Welding Process
  • Machine Process

Project 1 - IT Industry (26 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    1.     Implementation of 3DEXPERIENCE Catia/Enovia (3DS Technical & Industrial Process Consultant)

    • Working on Digital Twin/Transformation project of Elevator using 3DExperience Platform.

    • Working experience of 3DExperience platform, especially on 3D apps, ENOVIA PLM processes like Change Management, Variant Management, Engineering Release, Document Management & BOM Management, Classification Manager.

    • Knowledge Base Engineering- Power Copy & UDF, Engineering Template, Knowledge Pattern, Rule, Reaction, Check, Action, Reaction, Know how Capture & etc.

    • Responsible to identify process improvements and propose solutions to implement them.

    • Hands on experience of Delmia 3DExperience apps like Manufacturing Item Definition, Process Planning, Planning Structure and Work Instructions.

    • Preparation of 3D Parts/Assemblies considering CAD best practice and automation.

    • Responsible to Application of GD&T, Tolerance Stack up and Product Design process which will include DFMEA.

    • Capable of developing useful tools, scripts to automate and ease day to day tasks.

    • Create use case for Mechanical/Industry design process and prepared As Is analysis, Preparation of high-level requirement gathering for process improvements and prepare digital master model approach and define the To Be Design process in 3DExperience platform, working closely with Dassault system.

    • Understand AS-IS Market Requirement, Business Requirement and Product change management process and implemented on 3DExperience change management using CR,CO,CA Change process.

    • Capturing business needs Develop Test plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases for Manual and Automated Testing, Cross Functional tests (CFT Tests)

    • Unit Test and fix issues encountered during the validation phases in Smoke Testing after GA and FD Releases on 3DExperience.

    • Working as SME for 3DEXPERIENCE Native app for data migration (Parametric/non- parametric 3D models like Sheet metal, part design, assembly workbench).

    • Identify different scenario for existing design process, define 3D CAD methodology for 3DEXPERIENCE and demonstrate the POC of same.

    • User support using EKL, Knowledge Base Engineering (KBE), Business logic, Data model Customization, VB Script, troubleshooting for 3D Experience.

    • 3DEXPERIENCE Administration- creation of new users / role assignment based on request, User setting, Service Request (SR) & Enhancement Request (ER).

    • CATIA Settings, CAD PLM user issues support, CAD & PLM process trainer.

Project 2 - IT Industry (12 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    1.    Modeling and detailing of Marine Engine on 3DExperience Platform.

    • Worked on ABC Claude EL4, EL6, EL8, V12, V16, V20 Cylinder Engine.

    • Preliminary drawing preparation of 5C components and other engine components.

    • Preparation of 3DModels and 2D Manufacturing Drawings with application of GD&T on Different Engine Components like Crankshaft, Engine Cylinder etc.

    • Responsible for making modeling and detailing of different types of casting, forging, sheet metal, welding components of engine assembly.

    • Perform engineering calculations as per industry design code to verify the design, safety standard and other standards like ASME, self-review checking drawings and validate the design.

    • Preparation of Manufacturing Drawing with considering Tolerance stack up and follow design standard for Relief Groove, Undercut etc.

    • Responsible to applying machining tolerances for cast & forged parts.

    • Coordinate with client for any Design Modification as per standard.

Project 3 - IT Industry (13 months)

    1.       Design and Development of Deburring machine for Carburetor Throttling Body Burrs Removal

    2.       Design and Development of Water machine for Carburetor Throttling Body Burrs Removal

    3.       Design and Development of Air machine for Carburetor Throttling Body Burrs Removal

    4.       Design and Development of Multi Spindle Drilling machine.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Responsible for making proposal drawing for client to demo it.

    • Responsible for Design calculation required for Design of machine.

    • Design of fixtures for holding body for performing drilling operation.

    • Interacting with Assembly and manufacturing department for status of project.

    • Resolved the issue while assembly of parts in Assembly Areas.

    • Modeling, drafting on CATIA V5 & Design of sectional & GA drawing in AutoCAD.

    • Create the manufacturing drawing with all GD&T symbol for manufacturing.

    • Responsible for purchase bought-out items for project like Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment and others.

    ARDE D

    1.       Design and Development of Extended Range Anti-Submarine Rocket for RBU 6000 Launcher

    (Indian Navy)

    2.       Developmental 80 mm Rocket for IAF (Indian Air force). 

    3.       Development of 122 mm Warhead Assembly. (Indian Army)

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Worked on ARDE DRDO standards.

    • Working on Design & modification of rocket system and assembly.

    • Detailing as per ARDE DRDO standard.

    • Design of Aft and fore motor tube for Rocket System.

    • Responsible for preparation DFMEA for Rocket System.

    • Find out the MI, Centre of Gravity and Mass of the rocket after assembly.

    • Design of fixture of assembly of rocket system and its components

    • Active participant in development of projects with design/engineering reviews (testing).

    • Manufacturing inspection and fabrication test on individual parts of Rocket (Dimensional Inspection and pressure test)

    • Testing of each component of the rocket (Functional and operational test) and Dynamic misbalancing of the Rocket system.

    • Prepared set up for conduct of static and Evaluation, Dynamic trials, and Evaluation.

    • Hydraulic pressure testing and burst testing of Aft and Fore motor tube rocket.

    • Preparing and maintaining documents like assembly procedures and Specifications.

    • Preparing and maintaining Quality assurance plan and inspection reports.

    • Handle the responsibility of design quality checking and analysis.

    1.     Modeling and Detailing of Rockets Components

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Create the manufacturing drawing with all GD&T symbol for manufacturing.

    • Modeling of the Rocket Parts and modified as per new Design.

    • Create the Quality Assurance plan (QAP) for Inspection of Critical dimensions.

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