Software Developer - 5 yrs



  • 5+ years of experience in development and testing for embedded systems and IoT devices for various industries

  • Proficient in programming languages such as Embedded C, and Python

  • Well-versed with microcontrollers and microprocessors (Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi), hardware design, and software development tools

  • Successfully developed and deployed ROS-based systems for autonomous navigation and object detection.

Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
Other Skills
  • Embedded C, Python/Micro python Scripting
  • Arduino/ESP32/STM 32, Raspberry pi , Jetson NN , NX, Intel Edge NUC, Realsense/ Cobot Controller , Lidar
  • TCP/IP,Ethernet, MQTT, RS232, RS485, RS422, MQTT,I2C,SPI,UART,Bluetooth
  • Circuit designing / Power electronics  
  • Bitbucket, Git, Jira, Docker
  • ROS/ROS2/Micro ROS
  • Image processing OpenCV/Tensorflow
  • Arduino IDE/Atmel
  • PLC Progranning, SCADA, HMI



Project 1. Taikisha Engineering - IT Industry (28 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Designed and developed a robotic system for automated data monitoring using ROS2 Galactic, RP Lidar, ESP32, and Intel Depth Cam D435i

    • Development and testing embedded systems and IoT devices for various applications, including industrial automation and smart homes

    • Adept at developing and implementing communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C, MQTT, TCP/IP, and Ethernet in various projects

    • Designing, developing, and testing firmware and software using C, C++, and Python

    • Analyzing hardware issues, identifying root causes, and developing effective solutions  

    • Supported in development of vision-guided robotics applications using systems such as OpenCV and Logitech  

    • webcam, and cobot arms such as Universal Robots

    • Electronic Schematic design and circuits testing by measurements instruments

    • Collaboration and communication with management, internal, and outsourced development partners for tracking design status(s), project progress and issue resolution.


Project 2. Maclec Engineering - IT Industry (5 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Embedded Systems Engineer with expertise in working with a variety of sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, LCD, RFID, and many others  

    • Designed and implemented software for embedded devices and systems as per requirements shared from production and commercial departments  

    • PCB design, circuit design, and ensuring compliance with requirements and standards

    • Proficient in analyzing and enhancing the efficiency, stability, and scalability of system resources, as well as integrating and validating new product designs.

Project 3. Vision Automation and Robotics Solutions - IT Industry (10 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • PLC to HMI communication using various communication protocols  

    • Drafting of electrical drawings using AUTOCAD

    • Testing control wiring and field wiring of the panel

    • Contributed in achieving Quality excellence nomination award in the MSME segment  

    • Preparation of project related documents like Operation Manuals, Communication data and BOM


Project 4. PM Electronics (19 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities

    • PLC Programming, HMI designing of panel installation at site

    • Supervision during panel installation at site  

    • Interaction with vendors to introduce new instruments in the project