Altium - 5 + Year

Bachelor of Engineering


  • Complete PCB design for signle and multilayered boards from footprint creation to gerber generation including various throuh hole and surface mount Devices(SMD),Critical connector.

  • Creating PCB Gerber Differential Routing ,Plane splitting and reference Power plane.

  • Creating STEP model generation to check interference with mechanical enclosure.

  • Drill legend customization and drill drawing ,NC drill ,Pick and Place data Generation.

  • Handling Gerber Generation and verification using Gerber Tools for designed PCBs.

  • PCB and Library review,Checklist preparation for Footprint,Schematic symbol, database, PCB layout,Gerbers.

  • Communication with Assembly and PCB fab house to resolve the quries/exceptions from maufacture.

  • Designing of Circuit, Schematic, PCB layout and Prepared BOM for Smart Lunch Box.

  • Designing of Circuit Schematic ,PCB layout and Prepare BOM for Coffee vault data Logger.

  • AC-DC power supply .

  • DC-DC Power Supply and Diagnostics .

  • Keyboard PCB for Baggage Scanner machine.

  • Sanitizing Dispenser System.

  • Baggage Scanner machine 60x40 for Bharat Electronics ltd.



Primary Skills
  • Altium
  • CAM 350

Secondary Skills
  • PCB Layout
Other Skills
  • PCB Layout Design.
  • Schematic Capturing & verifying
  • Gerber Edition & Layout QC using CAM350, Gerber viewer, Gerber logix.
  • Knowledge of Design of Manufacturing (DFM)/Design of Assembly (DFA).
  • Knowledge & experience of electronic components and their Package Information like BGA, QFN, and SOT
  • Experience in concern Areas like Baggagescannermachine,RFID Based, IOT Based Home Automation,BMS,BLDC Motor driver, Embedded designs, Power Electronics, Automotive industry.
  • Develop and maintain a component database, including schematic symbol library and footprint library, Design Backups
  • Coordinating between Hardware and Testing Teams for Product Validation and Documen


  • Layout:Altium17.0,Altium19.1,,Altium23.1.
  • Gerber & QC: Gerber viewer, CAM350.
  • Schematic Entry: Altiu

Battrix - Automobile Industry (9 months)

    • Performed PCB layout designs for automotive product BMS .

    • Experience to Design the PCBs of BMS, AIS156 and Battery Swapping Station,IOT boards.

    • Following the standard Varos process to execute the PCB Layout.

    • Involvement in cross functional teams regarding the discussions of the project.

    • Layout design verification with the help of standard review checklist.

    • DFM, DFA.

    • Ground and supply Split planes for analog and digital designs also Well experienced in noise reduction techniques (EMI, EMC, ESD Protection).

    • Performed Double layer, Multi-layer PCB’s (Max 8 layer).

ROTOMOTIVE - Automobile Industry (11 months)

    • Performed PCB layout designs for automotive BLDC MOTOR DRIVER

    • Experience to Design the PCBs of MOSFER DRIVER FOR BLDC Motor .

    • Schematic Capturing & verifying. ● Footprint parts creations and maintaining the library.

    • Design and Develop Basic power distribution Unit,

    • Design and development of Hardware Motor Drives.

    • Understanding requirements of projects.

    • Suggesting / Selecting correct correct hardware parts.

    • Making schematics from scratch.

    • Making schematics from given reference PCB.

    • Design of PCB using to fit in given form factor.

    • Making PCB following power / analog / EMI / EMC design guidelines.

    • Preparation of BOM.

    • Price inquiry / sample procurement.

    • Putting PCB manufacturing orders and BOM order.

    • Mechanical enclosure/ heat sink design.

ELECTROPOTENT - Manufacturing Industry (44 months)

    • Schematic Capturing & verifying.

    • Footprint parts creations and maintaining thelibrary.

    • Providing Technical Guidance for Test report Test Specifications, Test Procedures & Develop Test fixtures.

    • Preparing detailed specifications PCB models and design documentations.

    • Performed PCB Designs for Serial Interfaces Like UART, USB, I2C, SPI, CAN, and RS485.

    • Experience to Design the PCBs of SMPS, Power Switching DC/DC Converters, Battery Chargers,

    • Schematic design &symbol creation with reference to the circuit diagram.

    • Documented and maintained the processes used in PCB Layout.

    • Developed the layout of Printed Circuit Board Test Hardware

    • Performed to build PCB footprints and Schematic symbols for libraries.

    • Generated BOMs and assembly drawings for in house assembly technician.

    • Designing the PCB layout as per the mechanical dimensions & electrical requirements considering EMI

    • EMC & soldering issues.

    • Designing PCB with below task:

    1 .Component Placement.

    • Checking the PCB netlist according to schematic.

    • Creating PCB Gerber file for manufacturing.

    • Creating the documents like PCB design checklist report, pick & place report, Gerber PDF,

    • Assembly & Fabrication Documents.

    • Knowledge of PCB design tools like Altium.

    • Handling Production of Baggage scanner machine 60x40 project

    • Procurement of En-closer components and PCB components and Dealing  with Harness vendor 

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