Altium - 7 yrs



  1. Design and Development of schematic libraries as per the IEC standard

  2. Design and Development of Footprint libraries as per the IEC standard

  3. Maintaining the Component parts in the ERP tool for the 10000 component.

  4. Maintaining the centralized Library-Global Library for the different plants located across the globe.

  5. Design and Development of 3D Models for the Library components

  6. Maintaining the Electrical models-SPICE and IBIS models in the database.

Primary Skills
  • Altium

Secondary Skills
  • PCB footprints
Other Skills

Ms- Office2000, Adobe, cloud Based ERP.

Ms- Office2000, Adobe, cloud Based ERP.


Project-1 - IT Industry

    1. Experience in creating the schematics with Multi sheets with top level sheets.

    2. Experience in handling the integration of Library with the schematics.

    3. Setting up the Variants for the Designs

    4. Experience in creating the wire harness for the design.

    5. BOM generation based on the Variants

    6. Handling the Netlist integrity check

    7. Checking the ERC in the design.

Project- 2 - IT Industry

    1. Good Knowledge and experience in Circuits related to FPGA, Microcontrollers, Ethernet, DDRx, CAN, EEPROM, Power supplies-LDO and SMPS.

    2. Handling the PCB design from Board preparation to Output generation

    3. Experience and Knowledge in Manufacturing of PCB and designing PCB for DFM.

    4. Experience and Knowledge in Assembly of PCB and designing PCB for DFA.

    5. Experience and Knowledge in Testing of PCB and designing PCB for DFT.

    6. Handling the KIKO and 3D of the Design Casing as 2D and 3D.

    7. Handling the Power requirements from source to the branching of power and designing the PCB same for good EMI/EMC requirements.

    8. Handling the High speed signal routing and length matching for the signals with frequency range from 500MHz to 1GHz.

    9. Good exposure in various Manufacturing technologies from micro via concepts to selection of material for good Layer stackup design.

    10. Handling the Hybrid designs-Rigid and Flex.

    11. Handling the Fab and Array drawing using the 2D tools.

    12. Experience in setting up the customized rules for the DRC.

    13. Handling the Output generation for the Board house.

Project-3 - IT Industry

    1. Developing assembly outline for the components using the 2D tool

    2. Developing the 3D models for the components.

    3. Generating the 2D files for fabrication and Assembly

    4. Generating the Board KIKO using the 2D drawings

    5. Generating the Outputs as Gerbers, NC Drill files and ODB++ files

    6. Able to convert the Designs done in any EDA tool to Altium Designer tool with 99% accuracy.

Project 4 - IT Industry

    • Preparation of library database for component footprint.

    • Schematic Capture.

    • Preparation of Mechanical layout.

    • Carrying Placement and Routing.

    • Preparing Layer stack up details for controlled impedance board.

    • Carrying SI analysis and checking for timing problems and crosstalk.

    • Preparing checklist for footprint creation, placement and routing.

    • Layout review and fabrication drawing details preparation.

    • Interacting with fabricators for DFM issues.

Project 5 - IT Industry

    • Effort estimation and schedule tracking

    • Preparing 3D models for components in .step format.

    • Integrating MCAD files in PCB environment.

    • Interacting with clients.

    • Involving in Proposal activities.

    • Organizing training internal and external.

    Altium Designer-All versions, Solid works-All versions, CADENCE-Allegro 16.4,17.2, ORCAD, Concept HDL, Mentor Graphics-Expedition PCB, PADS PCB, Free CAD,.


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