Data Engineer - 10 yrs

MCA - Computer Science


  • Software Professional with 10 years of experience includes 7+ in SAP HANA, SAP BO, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data warehouse Cloud/SAP Datasphere.

  • Expertise in Data modeling- Attributes Views, Analytical Views, Calculation Views, and Stored Procedure Business rules in to Decision Tables and Analytical Privileges.

  • Created advanced modeling using Hierarchies, derived views, restricted & calculated column, variable, input parameter, currency conversion.

  • I have created SQL based calculation Views in order to address complex business requirements.

  • I have created Schema, Tables, Views, Procedures, Sequences, and Synonyms.

  • I have good knowledge in creating Triggers, Table types and Procedures.

  • Hands on experience in SAP HANA Data provisioning using SLT Replication server and have knowledge SAP BO Data Services 4.0. Gained experience with DATA Extraction Transfer Loading (ETL) for loading data from SAP ECC System to SAP HANA System. Having good knowledge on SAP HANA Architecture. Well versed with importing Meta data, table definitions, performing initial load and replication, resuming and suspending data loads using SAP HANA studio.

  • I Have Good Experience in Data Ware Housing and Data Modeling.

  • I Have Good Knowledge in Smart Data Integration and Smart Data Access.

  • I Have Good Knowledge in XSJS, XSA.

  • I have very good knowledge in Creating CDS views

  • I have knowledge in SAP HANA Data ware housing.

  • I have knowledge S4 Hana embedded analytics.

  • Experience Adding user to SAP HANA System, Exporting/ Importing SAP HANA System.

  • Completed projects on SAC Dashboards, SAP Digital Boardrooms and Stories using with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

  • I have created SAC Stories, Digital Boardrooms using SAP Analytics Tool (SAC) by connecting to different data sources like SAP HANA, S/4 HANA, Universe and Excel, CSV Files. 

  • Developing SAC Stories with various components like different category Charts, Geo Map, Tables, Input Controls, Story filters, Images, Text, Shapes. 

  • Expertise in SAC Story building using different functionalities like Hierarchies, Geo Dimension, Planning, Defined Dimensions, Drill down, Link Dimension, Conditional formatting, Calculated Formulas.

  • Developing SACP Models, Stories and Pages as per the requirement.

  • Experience in Deployment (Import and Export content as files) and sharing the content files to users in SAC. 

  • Knowledge on creating users, Teams, security, assigning roles to the users in SAC. 

  • Good Experience in Creating Webi Reports according to client Requirement.

  • Created Bar Charts, Column Charts, Pie Charts and Line Charts in SAP BO.

  • Created various tabular Reports (Horizontal, Vertical, Cross tab).

  • I Have good knowledge in creating Spaces in DWC.

  • I Have good experience in cross spacing to move the DWC objects from one space to other space.

  • I have good experience in creating Tables, Graphical views, Scripting Views, Enity Relationship models, Analyical Models,Data Flow, Replication Flow,Intelligent Look UP, Task Chains, Data Transforms, Hierarchies, Dimensions, Measures, Variables, Input Parameters and currency conversions.

  • Import SAP BW objects into SAP Datasphere, SAP BW bridge as remote tables into SAP Datasphere.

  • I have good experience in creating Dimention, Fact Model and Consumption model using Business Builder in DWC.

  • I have good experiance in Import and export to move DWC objects from one tenant to other tenant.

Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
Other Skills

Reporting Tools                :              SAC.

ETL Tool                              :              SSIS, SDI&SDA, BODS.

In Memory Database      :              SAP HANA 1.0.

Cloud Technology            :             SAP DWC/SAP Data Sphere.

Database                            :              HANA SQL, SQL Server.

ERP                                      :              ECC 6.0

Operating systems           :              Windows XP/7/8.



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