Automation Test - 13 yrs

MCA - Computer Science


  • Multi-talented Test Manager with 12.9 years of experience handling diverse projects with driven and dedicated approach. Successful at managing all aspects of planning, testing and documentation.

  • Expert technical leader with fluency in Automation Testing.

  • Skilled Test Manager versed in planning and overseeing testing operations under tight deadlines.

  • Organized and well-researched approach to solving problems.

  • Collaborative and open mindset of demonstrated industry successDesigned and implemented automation scripts using JavaScript and Java, reducing regression time by 50%.

  • Implemented Git for version control, ensuring efficient collaboration and code management within the testing team.

  • Facilitated the adoption of CI for continuous integration, resulting in automated builds and improved integration testing processes. 

  • Assisted in the creation of testing strategies for mobile applications, enhancing compatibility and usability across different devices.

  • Conducted in-depth root cause analysis of defects, collaborating with developers to ensure timely bug resolution.

  • Managing/leading a team of 25 people performing responsibilities of creation of test strategy, test planning, test estimates, regression planning

  • In-Sprint test execution plan, test automation using Selenium. Defect tracking, defect escape ratio, defect analysis. 

  • Participated in PI plannings

  • Test automation using Cypress to automate web-based application on Ecommerce Domain.

  • Sprint planning for test user stories estimation, assignment, test case review and approval with Product Owner. Tracking until closure.

  • Currently managing multiple projects on Ecommerce domain working across globe.

  • 2 years of Experience providing trainings to Freshers on Software Testing concepts, Automation Testing tools such as Selenium, UFT and RFT Provided trainings to multiple batches of freshers and lateral hires on Core Java concepts, Python basics, Api testing using Rest assured with IntelliJ.

  • Direct interaction with client both Onsite and Offsite on daily basis.

  • Experience of Leading teams both Functional and Automation.

  • Worked on brain storming sessions with Client & various team on creating Test Strategy and Test Plan documents.

  • Automation experience with various tools as UFT, RFT, Soap UI, Ready API, Selenium and Dev Test

  • Extensive work experience with Selenium using both Java with Cucumber using Page Object Model, BDD, Keyword, Hybrid frameworks.

  • Worked on automation of various Web, Desktop, Java, Siebel, Mainframe based applications.

  • HTML, CSS, VB Scripting experience.

  • Experience in handling Software Configuration Management and Defect Prevention.

  • Experience on API testing using Postman, Swagger and automation using Ready API, SOAP UI

  • Experience with Test Management tools JIRA, ALM.

Primary Skills
  • API Automation
  • API Testing
  • Java
  • Selenium

Secondary Skills
  • Cypress
  • Manual Testing
  • Mobile Automation
  • REST
Other Skills
  • Languages & Technologies: Java, VB script, Groovy, Python (beginners’ level)
  • Database: Oracle, AWS Aurora (beginners’ level)
  • Tools: Selenium, RFT, UFT, ALM, Eclipse, Putty, Maven, Jira, SOAP UI, Postman, Swagger, DevTest, Ready API.
  • Web Technologies: Java Script, Html and CSS

Project 1. HighMark- Pega Application Automation - IT Industry (29 months)


    To create a POC to make sure Pega 6.3 and Pega 8.4 versions-based Web application can be automated using Selenium framework.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Involved in knowledge sharing sessions to Client Development team.

    • BDD framework implementation and enhancements.

    • Creation of Test Scripts using Java Project.

    • Check in and Checkouts also project management using GITLAB.

    • Test case management using RQM.

    • Pega application automation based on 6.3 and 8.4 version of Pega.

    • Create a POC on existing Pega Framework to come up with a similar approach for the part of application as part of project.


Project 2. ASO-Billing - ANTHEM - IT Industry (29 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Involved in knowledge sharing sessions to team members at onshore and offshore.

    • Involved in providing solution to team.

    • Involved in POC for various application automation. (Mainframe, putty …)

    • Trained 15 resources on selenium with cucumber using BDD framework.

    • Defect raising, tracking in JIRA.

    • Framework changes implementation as asked by client.

    • Creating Automation test scripts using Selenium, Cucumber and JIRA integration.

    • Functional testing of various applications a part of project.

    • Test planning activities, test team progress tracking, timely status to Client and Management.

    • Final handover of entire project to client and getting a Sign off on the Project.


Project 3. MBL - IT Industry (28 months)


    Macquarie Group Limited is global investment banking and diversified financial services group, providing banking, financial advisory and investment and funds management services to institutional.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Involved in knowledge sharing sessions to team members at onshore and offshore.

    • Involved in test case writing.

    • Involved in automation of test cases on a SAP based application using UFT and Selenium

    • Involved in leading automation team.

    • Automation of entire regression suite with different applications ex: SAP, Web based, Power builder application, Siebel application using UFT and Selenium.

    • Creating Proof of concept before Regression suite automation.

    • Involved in test estimates.

    • Involved in reviewing the automation script.


Project 4. ESI - IT Industry (12 months)


    Express Scripts also offers pharmacy benefit management services for workers' compensation insurance programs.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Lead the team.

    • Automation Test Plan creation

    • Framework design document creation.

    • Metric upload.

    • Been SCM (Software Configuration Management) coordinator and responsible for Metric upload.

    • Weekly status update of entire project.

    • Provided demo to client for the scripts developed using automation.


Project 5. BCBSM MOS Testing - IT Industry (12 months)


    The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is one among the federation of 39 separate health insurance organizations and companies in the United States. Combined, they directly or indirectly provide health insurance to over 100 million Americans.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Been DPC (Defect Prevention Coordinator) and responsible for DP Activities. Prepared the Casual Analysis and Defect Prevention sheets. Logged the DP Defects in C20 which is related to Metrics

    • Been SCM (Software Configuration Management) coordinator and responsible for Metric upload.

    • Weekly status update of entire project.


Project 6. Project Name SNAP Australia and New Zealand - IT Industry (12 months)


    This project aims to improve online Card application delivery by reducing cost and time to market for rolling out new application forms. In addition, it should facilitate a speedier and more efficient change process for template applications in production. 

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • User Interface Rendering.

    • Validation Engine.

    • Omnia Ture Tracking


Project 7. DTW –Portal - IT Industry (12 months)


    The aim of the project is to Create a DTW (Drive To Web) Portal (micro site) for the Blue Cash EverydaySM to acquire “Pre-Approved” and “Non Pre-Approved” Prospects.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Coding (using JSP, CSS, and Struts Framework).

    • Understanding the requirement and implementing the portal pages for DTW portal Project.


Project 8. Project Name OSBN (Open Small Business Network) SPRINT - IT Industry (12 months)


    OSBN (OSBN SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK) targets individual customers and Small Business owners in the U.S. market to identify, select and apply online for a suitable card/product. OSBN is responsible for developing, marketing and servicing all aspects of Charge and Credit cards of American Express in the United States websites.

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Involved in building, developing and deployment of the application and in the enhancement of the code sent to the clients based on their requirements.

    • Involved in knowledge sharing sessions to team members.



Project 9. Test Automation Manager - IT Industry (23 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • Managing a team of 30 people both Functional & Automation

    • Creation of Test Strategy for automation, In Sprint and Regression testing Test Planning, Test Estimates, Regression planning, In-Sprint test execution plan, Test automation for Mobile application testing with Appium.

    • Creation of framework for Mobile application testing

    • Regression scope optimization by following patterns such as merging test cases, removing test cases which have always passed from last 6 releases

    • Improving regression coverage, defect tracking, defect escape ratio, defect analysis, Participated in PI plannings.

    • Proof of concept creation of web application automation using Playwright for Ecommerce Domain.

    • Sprint planning for test user stories estimation, assignment, test, case review and approval from Product Owner.

    • Currently managing multiple projects on Ecommerce domain working across globe, Experience in providing trainings to Freshers on Software Testing concept, Postmen, APPIUM and functionality Knowledge about on AUT




  • SCJP Certified Java Programmer


  • CCP in ISTQBlevel-0
  • CCP in AHM (Academy of HealthCare Management)
  • CCP in Core Java Level-0
  • Brain bench Java 5 Fundamentals
  • Brain bench JavaScript
  • Brain bench Java Server Pages (JSP 2.1)
  • Brain bench Struts 1.2.x


  • Cognizant Certified Professional


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  • API Testing
  • Cypress
  • Java
  • REST
  • Selenium
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