Automation Test - 8 yrs

MCA - Computer Science


  • 8 years of experience in software quality assurance with work across automation and manual testing domains for web and mobile platforms using various tools and languages.

  • Well-versed with the concepts of Agile way of working

  • Experience of working with clients, internal stakeholders in senior management and mentoring junior members in the team.

  • Rich experience with Selenium WebDriver (Using JAVA/TestNg) to automate web applications.

  • Experience with Appium for mobile automation

  • Hands-on experience with Cypress for web Application Automation.

  • Good experience with Rest Assured and postman for API Automation Testing

Primary Skills
  • Cypress
  • Selenium

Secondary Skills
  • JavaScript
  • Playwright
Other Skills
  • Cypress
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Chai-jQuery
  • NodeJS
  • Octane
  • VSCode
  • Postman
  • Selenium
  • Playwright

Project 1 - IT Industry (12 months)

    Role: QA Lead

    Language & Tools: Cypress, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mocha, Chai, Chai-jQuery, NodeJS, Octane, VSCode, Postman, Selenium


    • Designed and developed a framework with Page Object Model in Cypress with Java Script.

    • Writing and Executing Automation Test scripts for Smoke and Regression testing using Selenium Web driver with TestNG and Java.

    • Managing a sub-team of testers in their daily testing activities (Task Allocation, evaluating their work, Training, Mentoring).

    • Doing Pull Request Review for Cypress and Selenium Scripts

    • Involved in Release and Sprint planning and effort estimation of testing activities.

    • Analyze the nightly build details Every Morning and if any check-ins introduced defects, then raise the defect and assign it to the appropriate team.

    • Responsible for maintaining the Whole Automation Test Suite for the Product.

    • Attending calls with the Developer and Product owner to understand the Features and identify the scope of automation.

    • Coordinate with Test Leads, Project Managers, Development Team, Business Analysts, and End-Users for better quality testing.

    • Participate in weekly product status meetings with developers, and managers.

    • Giving project-related training to new recruits and graduate trainees.

    • Involved in functional, system, smoke, and regression testing.

    • Responding to requests from other Teams related to the product QA.

Project 2 (9 months)

    Role: Senior QA Analyst

    Language & Tools: Cypress with JavaScript/TypeScript, Mocha, Chai, Chai-jQuery, Agile, JIRA, Cucumber, GitHub Actions, Mailosaur for emails, Unit Testing- Jest, PlayWright.


    • Responsible for creating and maintaining framework for Ocelot applications.

    • Responsible for writing automation scripts for new features using Cypress and JavaScript.

    • Managing the product releases, coordinating with developers, product Owners for understanding the features, demo them.

    • Mentoring and assigning automation work to QA team members.

    • Identifying the Scenarios for automation

    • Analyzing the Automation suite reports and raising the defect for failures and fixing automation scripts.

    • Creating pipeline for execution of Automation suite over Cypress dashboard and GitHub Actions.

    • Participating in the daily Standup, retrospective, sprint review etc. meetings.

Project 3 - IT Industry (14 months)

    Role: Senior QA Analyst

    Language & Tools: Cypress with JavaScript/TypeScript, Selenium, Postman, BDD


    • Responsible for creating and maintaining frameworks for the broker, customer, and operations applications.

      • Propose the automation scenarios for new features in the sprints.

      • Write and maintain the scripts for Cypress and Selenium for the applications using JavaScript and java.

    • Work with the QA team to demonstrate new features.

    • Mentor and guide two analysts and intern in the team

    • Responsible for manual testing which includes new test cases, monitor, and deploy JIRA issues, release and post-release updating of regression testcases

Project 4 - IT Industry (12 months)

    Role: QA Analyst

    Language & Tools: Appium, java, Maven, TestNG, JIRA, Cucumber, Cypress with JavaScript, BDD, Cucumber, postman


    • Automation Engineering – Responsible for creating and maintaining frameworks for web and mobile (iOS and Android) platforms including design and implementation using Cypress and Appium framework.

    • Identify automation scenarios, framework design in page model and integration with Jenkins.

    • Manual testing for web and mobile applications, management of issues in JIRA and preparation of feature, release, and regression documentation

Project 5 - IT Industry (48 months)

    Role: Associate Software Engineer 

    Language & Tools: Appium, Selenium, java, TestNG, Maven, Selenium Grid, SQL, Sauce labs, Cucumber, Git, BDD, Rest Assured


    • Software Quality Assurance for OptumRx Member Portal and Hybrid application – Created and maintained protractor framework for automating the testcases.

      • Identify, develop, and implement the test cases.

      • Cross browser automation with Sauce Lab Cloud integration

      • Maintain code and resources in GitHub.

    • Automation and Manual testing for Health4me mobile application of UHG including development of Appium scripts using java, validation of test cases using emulator, simulator, and real devices.

    • Daily incident management to provide support clients by developing code fixes, implementing new functionality, and tracking the issues.


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