SAP - 5 yrs



  • Having 5.3 years of experience in Analysis, design, development, and implementation of business applications in SAP BI/BW/ABAP/HANA/S4HANA.

  • Proficient in Sap BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, SAP Hana Studio 1.0, SAP R/3 4.7E, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BO 4.1.

  • Worked on Functional areas SAP SD, MM, HR, and FI-CO.

  • Involved in the creation of CDS Views & extract data from S/4 Hana system.

  • Modelling – Proficient in designing BW models.

  • Proficient in gathering requirements, writing functional and technical specifications, testing the objects, transporting the objects across the landscape, supporting pre- and post-go-live activities.

  • Proficient in Creating Cube, ODS, Semantic Portioned objects, Info objects, Multi providers, Transient provider, Composite Provider, Info set, Open ODS View, Advanced DSO, Virtual Cube, Virtual Info object and consuming the HANA Models into BI, consuming BW models into Hana studio.

  • Proficient in designing APD, OHD, Data Archiving using NLS, Process Chains.

  • Proficient in Data Extraction (Generic Extractions, Flat file, LO Cockpit, COPA).

  • Proficient in improving data load and query performance by doing indices, Number Range buffering, compression, aggregates, rollup, partitioning etc.

  • SAP BW architecture, data modelling with LSA/LSA++, design and development to enable review of the development team’s work and guidance as appropriate.

  • ABAP - Proficient in writing ABAP Code for Start Routine, End Routine, Expert Routine, Field Level Routine, Variable exit, and customer Exits.Good Knowledge on SAP ABAP on HANA CDS Views.

  • Proficient in creating generic data source using table, view, info set and function module.

  • Proficient in writing the ABAP code for enhancement using different modularization techniques.

  • Bex Reporting – Proficient in designing Front-end Business Warehouse Components like Bex Analyzer in building Queries by creating calculated key figures, restricted key figures, Variables, structures, Formulas, Exceptions, Conditions

  • BODS: Rich exposure in creating BODS flow in extracting full/delta loads.

  • HANA Studio Modelling - Proficient in designing Information data models on HANA studio like attribute views, analytical views, calculated views, creating variables, hierarchies, currency conversion, Input Parameters, Analytical Privilege, stored procedures, Restricted Columns, Calculated Columns.

  • Proficient in designing Hybrid data models.

  • Involved to import the Transports from Development to Quality & Quality to Production.

  • Proficient in creating configurations using SLT, SDA from different source systems to Hana studio, Replication server Cockpit (LTRC), Replication server setting (LTRS).

  • Rich exposure in creating workbooks using Analysis for Office (AO).

  • Involved in creating reports, MTD & YTD in S/4 Hana.

  • Involved in data integration scenarios with SAP S/4, SAP CRM, SAP ECC and SQL DBs.

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills
  • Native HANA
Other Skills
  • SAP S/4, SAP CRM, SAP ECC, and SQL DBs.
  • Sap BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, SAP Hana Studio 1.0, SAP R/3 4.7E, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BO 4.1
  • worked on integration with SAP SD, MM, HR, and FI-CO.
  • Native Hana

Project 1: OLAM - IT Industry (40 months)

    Role:                      SAP BW Consultant

    Environment:      SAP BI 7.5 SP 11, BW4HANA 1.0 SP 01, HANA 1.0 SP 09, ECC 6.0

    Project type:        Development & Support


    • Involved in requirement gathering, build phase, testing and deployment.

    • Involved in monitoring of daily, weekly & monthly process chains.

    • Monitoring of info packages and perform root cause analysis for frequent errors in loading info packages.

    • Involved in Extract data from S/4 Hana system by using CDS Views.

    • Involved in rectification of load failure errors like master and transaction data loads.

    • Involved in transporting BW objects across the landscape.

    • Involved in creating new Bex queries and modifying existing queries as per the business requirement.

    • Involved to extract data from SA HANA ACDOCA Table.

    • Involved in system integration.

    • Involved in Unit & Integration testing.

    • Involved in new development based on client requirement.

Project 2: CORE MARK - IT Industry (26 months)

    Role:                      SAP BW HANA Consultant

    Environment:      SAP BI 7.5 SP 11, BW 4HANA 1.0 SP 01, HANA 1.0 SP 09, ECC 6.0

    Project type:        Implementation


    • Designed data models using Composite Provider, Advanced DSO, Classic DSO, Cube, Write optimized DSO, Direct update DSO, Multi provider, info objects.

    • Created calculation views and used calculated columns, restricted measures, input parameters, stored procedures in it.

    • Created Hybrid data models.

    • Created BODS jobs to extract the data from Microsoft SQL server/Adapter to BW system and exported data from BW to Microsoft SQL server using full/delta mechanism.

    • Create Web reports by consuming Bex reports and published them.

    • Designed BW models in HANA eclipse environment.

    • Worked on BW4HANA pre-migration activity. Migrated all the 3.x data sources to 7.x data sources. Converted info providers to respective ADSO, HCPR using the tool RSB4HTRF.

    • Worked on Migration activity. Converted cube, DSO, multi provider, data source to HANA compatibility objects.

    • Created Data archiving data flow to export the data to secondary database Sybase.

    • Designed APD’s using routine transformation by writing the ABAP code to export BI the data to the Application server.

    • Designed Open Hub (OH) to export data to third party tool.

    • Created CDS Views & extract data from S/4 Hana.

    • Created Web reports on Bex queries and published to directory in PDF format using publishing.

    • Created Generic data sources using function modules and wrote ABAP code to extract full and delta data.

    • Worked on ABAP code to fill the data to the objects by look up method using Start routine, end routine, expert routine, field level routine, user exits, ABAP code for BADI.

    • Created Bex queries using calculated key figures, restricted key figures, Variables, structures, Formulas, Exceptions, Conditions.

    • Designed Bex variables and wrote ABAP User exit to fill the data to variables at Run time.

    • Responsible for delivering the quality design solutions by applying the modular techniques which will improve the performance of the design within the timeline.

    • Participated in the requirement gathering, creating functional & technical specifications, design, development, and enhancement of business specific custom and standard applications.

    • Worked on Incidents like Currency issue, data mismatch issues, short dump, lock issues; hierarchy issue etc. and trouble shoot the issues.

    • Created the reports (YTD, MTD) in SAP Frontend (Bex) that meet user requirement.

    • Worked on Change Requests to meet the user requirement and transported the objects across the landscape. Worked on AO (Analysis Office) by creating new workbooks, executing the Bex reports using AO.

    • Worked on data models which include the Modules COPA, FI, SD, and MM.

    • Used to extract data from S4 HANA ACDOCA Table.


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