IOT - 5 yrs

Bachelor of Engineering


  • A goal-oriented professional with over 2 years of experience in successfully managing IoT processes across

  • Development, Delivery, and Support using JavaScript, and Python technologies

  • Proficient in developing protocols for IoT applications

  • Proficient in gathering client's requirements; developing design briefs that suit three client's purposes as well as keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies

  • 3-year experience of PTC Solutions (Thingworx, Thingworx Analytics, Manufacturing Apps, Thingworx Flow, Thingworx Navigate) from Installation, Setup to Development to QA to Production Deployment

  • Hands-on experience in micro-controllers including MSP430F5529LP, STM32 NUCLEO-L4R5ZI, Arduino Uno/Mega, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black, 8085, SIM 800/900A GSM/GPS

  • Dynamic, flexible & approachable individual with excellent planning, analytical, and troubleshooting skills

Primary Skills
  • Azure
  • Devops
  • Thingsboard
  • ThingWorx
  • Tulip.co

Secondary Skills
  • AWS
  • ETL
  • JAVA
  • Kepware
  • Windchill
Other Skills
  • Java (2 years)
  • SQL
  • Python (2 years)
  • JavaScript (2 years)
  • HTML5
  • C (1 year)
  • Thingworx (3 years)
  • Thingworx Manufacturing Apps (1 year)
  • Thingworx Flow (1 year)
  • Thingworx Analytics (1 year)
  • Kepware(KepServerEx) (2 years)
  • IoT (3 years)
  • Agile
  • AWS (1 year)



Project-1 - IT Industry (30 months)

    IoT Developer - (Contract)

    • Developing IoT Applications based on the Thingworx(Manufacturing APPs, Navigate).

    • Mashups, Services, DataTables, Timers, Subscriptions, Things, Thing Templates

    • Kepware Data Logging, Data Analytics with Power BI, Thing watcher

    • Guiding the team through technical issues and challenges and Bug Fixes

    • Data Migration From Azure Postgres to Azure Data lake with Data Pipeline Concepts

    • Delegating work and assignments to team members

    • Collaborating with their team to identify and fix technical problems

    • Analyzing users' needs and then finding applications to serve them

    • Creating end goals for the team

    • Project URL: www.karewise.com


Project- 2 - IT Industry (24 months)

    IoT Developer

    Thingworx Developer:

    • Installation of Thingworx, Analytics Server, Kepware on Microsoft Azure VM's and Connecting the Postgres DB

    • Kepware Tag Monitoring, Scan rate changes, connecting Kepware to Industrial things in Thingworx

    • Creation of Mashup's, services, DataTables, Things, Thing Templates, Value Streams, Timers, Schedulers, Subscriptions(on any data change event)

    • Alarm Services, Alerts, Emails. Embedded - IoT:

    • Taking Initiative for better Product Development

    • Maintaining Client IoT Platform and adding new features to the cloud platform (widgets that are used to control the Devices and receive the data from the sensors and analyze)

    • Developed IoT libraries on MQTT protocol using M2C and M2M features Link

    • Developed MQTT based Android Application to interface with Express-If Module

    • Developing M2M libraries for 4G Modules(QUECTEL EC25) and LORA Modules


Certified IoT Professional - Microsoft

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