Success Factor Compensation - 9 yrs



  • A result driven professional with experience across multiple technologies with the significant expertise in SuccessFactors functional and technology consulting

  • Expertise in providing SuccessFactors modules functional and technical support in Compensation and Variable Pay.

  • Responsible for customer incidents including configuration issues, product usability, and product bugs.

  • Handled Compensation and Variable pay cycles for EC and Non EC integration.

  • Good understanding in Analyzing Business Requirements and providing the solutions as per Client requirement.

  • Worked on Position Management, Generic Objects, and Foundation objects in Employee Central.

  • Requirement Gathering, launching the Performance & Goal Templates for Financial year.Configuring WC & BC Performance forms.

  • Handling Incidents & Tasks within provided SLA’s

  • Created Route map, Performance Templates, Goal Template, Development Template and adding various Locale.

  • Coding XML for various Goal stat, which will be changed in Goal plan based on the routing of Performance form.

  • Coding XML for an Error message if mandatory Fields are not maintained in Performance form.

  • Replacing the standard field names in XML. For example: “Overall summary section & Calculated Rating” Label at summary section in performance form.

  • Creating the Performance Template & providing Permissions for Fields & Sections accordingly.

  • Maintaining the Advanced settings for Performance Templates

  • Worked on Benefits admin overview and benefit enrollments.

  • Currently increasing my knowledge in Employee Central Payroll (ECP).

  • Proficient in building client relationship, providing quality customer services and resolving customer queries by targeting customer care and satisfaction.

  • Certified in SAP Success Factor Compensation, Employee Central and Recruiting Management.

Primary Skills
  • Compensation
  • Variable Pay

Secondary Skills
  • PMGM
Other Skills

Industry Experience:

All areas of Human Resource, Success Factors Compensation and Variable Pay implementation and support, etc

SAP Solutions Experience:

Compensation, Variable Pay and Employee Central

SAP Area Experience:

SAP Success Factors

Full Cycle Implementations:

Corbion and Ficosa

Supported Clients

Avaya, Resolute, Australian Unity and One HR


Project-1 - IT Industry (45 months)

    • Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Understanding business process of Compensation and Variable Pay.

    • Worked on the configuration of the compensation and variable pay plan templates.

    • Worked on Lumpsum Guidelines and merit Guidelines to accommodate for differences in location.

    • Imported compensation and variable pay lookup tables, currency conversiontable.

    • Involved in meetings to understand the customer requirements.

    • Worked on the Guidelines, Budget and Eligibility rules.

    • Worked on Language translation for Budget Allocation Exceeded.

    • Worked on Aggregate Export and Executive Reviewexport.

    • Created Ad Hoc Reports based on client requirement.

    • Created Functional and Technical documentation.

    • Defining roles and configuring Route Map according to the authorized users given by the client.

    • Worked in generating, recalling the statements and Manage statement permissions.

    • Worked on Business Goals, Bonus plans and Business Goal weights in variable payplan.

    • Worked on Combine Statement template XML configuration.

    • Worked on publishing the data to EC for Compensation and Variable Pay plans.

    • Configuration of Workbook as per client requirement, analyzing the Client Existing Business Process.

    • As an administrator handling the RBP FRAMEWORK. Role based permissions, creating groups and roles and granting to the targeted users. Configured picklist in Admin Tools.

    • Employee Master Data Maintenance with workflow requests, importing users and data Mass Changes, Customizing employee files and Workflows and worked on Position Management.

    • Worked on Performance ratings translation in all the default locale languages on the comp statements.

    • Solved the issues raised during the compensation and variable pay cycle.

    • Prepared Documentation for Business Process

    • Worked on the Release feature testing and Regression testing.

Project-2 - IT Industry (26 months)

    • Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Created and uploaded custom Lookup’s with custom behaviors.

    • Prepared and configured Compensation Templates.

    • Performed Employee Central and PMGM Integration with Compensation.

    • Assigned Role based permissions.

    • Interacted with various SAP Help forums to resolve configuration related issues

    • Also enabled various permissions for rating and comments etc. for various roles within the organization

    • Configurations related route map, rating scales etc.

Project-3 - IT Industry (26 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities:


    • Involved in meetings to understand the customer requirements.

    • Analyzing and mapping clients’ business requirements and objectives; developing necessary product modifications to satisfy clients’ needs.

    • Configure Compensation Module in Success Factors. Worked on template advanced settings –field permissions as per requirements.

    • Worked on Compensation XML modifications as per requirements

    • Configured required Route Map

    • Created a Calibration template as per client’s requirement for compensation

    • Created Ad-hoc reports & Dashboards for client as per their requirement.




     Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Providing reliable and timely maintenance and production & non-production support  for SF Compensation & Variable Pay on the functional front

    • Handling Change management, Release management and incident management.

    • Analyze, troubleshoot problems, and solve tickets on daily basis.

    • Defining Compensation Plan Template.

    • Currency conversionsetup.

    • Importing lookup tables.

    • Setup job code and Pay grade mapping tables.

    • Create/Update/Delete Compensation worksheets.

    • Defining Compensation statement template.

    • Launch/Recall compensation template.

    • Publishing Compensation Data to EC.

    • Generating Compensation Statements.

    • Conducted complete demo of the configured system for theteam.

    • Supporting tickets related to Compensation.

    • Analyzing quarterly releases for Compensation module and presenting to customer.

    • Activating new quarterly releases in test and production instances.

    • Copied Variable plan template from one instance to another instance.

    • Major Configuration Upgrade: Global Pay Grade Switch

    • EC – Comp Promotion – Final Fields were not populating as expected.

    • Previously they were associating Pay Grade, Job Classification (Job Code), Geozone and Legal Entity to the Pay Ranges.

    • So, the Same Pay Grade Could connect to multiple job codes and therefore multiple pay ranges. Final Pay Range and Compa-Ratio could notbe properly displayed.

    • We have changed the data in the standard Pay Grade field to match the data in the Job Classification (Job Code) field – basically a straight duplication of Job Classification data into Standard Pay Grade field.

    • We created a new Global Pay Grade field to house the “old “pay grade data. Global Pay Grade is in EC and on the CompWorksheets but not part of Pay Ranges.

    • Pay Grade (same data as job code) can now map directly to pay ranges. Job code no longer a pay range association. The (new)Pay Grade is the differentiator for PayRanges.


    • Responsible to take care of the incidents, communicate with the requestor and update constantly to make sure client is aware of the modification to be done to get resolver with official approvals.

    • Documentation is provided with end to end analysis and diagnosis with screenshots.


    • Release Management activities, preparation of Release notes and any additionalSAP documentation is gathered and analyzed for impact with respect to the customer specific implementation scenario.

    • A summary template is sent to the customer to keep them updated with new change.


    • To ensure that standardized methods and procedures for efficient and prompt handling of changes are defined.

    • Responsible to suggest if the requested change can be configured and explain the impacts of the change if any. Responsible to provide estimates of the configuration and Testing results to customer.

Project-5 - IT Industry (46 months)

    • Roles & Responsibilities:

    • Handled the tasks of screening, selecting and submitting candidates to job orders within a defined discipline

    • Assigned the tasks of utilizing on-line database, candidate referrals, internet and networking to identify potential candidates.

    • Assigned the tasks of negotiating offers with candidates to meet target gross margins of the organization.

    • Established business contacts in target markets through telemarketing, direct mail campaigns, trade show participation, and vendor relationships.

    • Responsible for recruiting and maintaining good relationship with existing candidates of the organization.

    • Performed recruitment tasks by applying the policies, rules and procedures of the organization.

    • Responsible for market research and analysis.