Mulesoft - 8 yrs



Over all 8.6 years of IT experience, having3.6 years of experience on MuleSoft Any Point Platform, Any Point Studio, Flow Designer, MuleSoft Composer, Mule 4 (Data Weave 2.0), API design, Mule ESB, MQ, MuleSoft Exchange, Design Center, API Manager and Runtime Manager.

  • MuleSoft Developer to work on projects to design, develop, test, document, and deploy robust integration solutions on the MuleSoft Any Point Platform

  • Design and build OAuth Authorization flows, API design/management, integration, data transformation, and deployment on MuleSoft Any Point Platform

  • Managing, building REST APIs, real-time data integrations, RAML design, API Management, API Security (Policies & Contracts), Alert Notifications, Visualization and Monitoring

  • Translate business requirements into well‐architected solutions that best leverage the MuleSoft Any Point Platform

  • Mentor other team members on MuleSoft development technologies, tools and processes

  • Partner with the security team to complete security reviews, assist with development of policies surrounding data governance, security, and API development

  • Collaborate with product managers, engineering managers, and architects on discovery, architecture, and design sessions

  • Active participation in sprint ceremonies such as stand ups, grooming, planning, and retro

  • Good Experience in connectors like SFDC, HTTP, FTP, DB, SAP, JMS and FileHaving Good hands on experience in creating Restful API using RAML

  • Hands-on experience with agile development tools such as GitHub and Maven

  • Experience in Data weave Language (DWL) for mapping and Transforming Data across Mule

  • Participated in deployment of Mule ESB applications using Cloud Hub

  • Hands-on experience with open source tools such as GitHub, Azure DevOps

  • Good Knowledge on deployment Jenkins CICD pipelines 

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process in the areas of analysis, design, implementation and testing of software applications using Mule ESB technologies

  • Created Event Handlers for the Packages for Error Handling


Primary Skills
  • Mulesoft

Secondary Skills
  • SQL
Other Skills

Middleware                      :   Any Point Platform, Any Point Studio, CloudHub, Runtime Manager, API Manager and       Exchange. 
Web Technologies           :   HTTP, REST, XML and Json. 
Connectors                      :   HTTP, Salesforce, Database, FTP and SFTP. 
Message Transformation :   Json, XML, CSV, XLSX and Java 
Database                         :   SQL, PLSQL
Tools                                :  Any Point Platform, Any Point Studio, FileZilla, SQL Developer, SOAP UI Postman, Custom policies, Gateways, Rust policies 
Operating Systems          :  Microsoft Windows Platform 


Project 1 - IT Industry (08 months)


    •     Integrating HE third party application data with SAP HANA system

    •     Experience layer exposed to Target system that is Paper less MSB tool

    •     Input request records are pulled from MSB tool through web-service calls, the Information will be updated through webservice call

    •     BAPI call invoked to call the Source system that is S4 HANA, 

    •     Input request is integrated with the S4 and response goes back to MSB target system

    •     Any errors occurred in the process, alter mails will be triggered

    •     The input requests frequency is 1000 per day

    •     Worker size is 2 for this integration

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    •      Responsible for development of entire use case.

    •      Responsible for gathering the requirement from BRDs and FD. 

    •      Responsible for documenting the entire flow like schema and sequence Diagrams by using Microsoft Visio. 

    •     Responsible for Code repository in Azure Devops for Dev environment

    •     Responsible for deploying the code up to QA environment. 

    •     Debugging and troubleshooting the interface and fixing the Bugs


Project 2 - IT Industry (24 months)


    MuleSoft has a scheduler process that executes daily. Sales Role and Sales Planning manager for a sales representative will be assigned, records are pulled from Oracle through web-service calls, the Information will be updated through webservice call, Employee ID, Sales Role and Manager ID transformation is required at the integration layer, Employee manager must have been created through workday, as Oracle is just updating the employee manager information availability of Source and Target systems.  

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    •     Responsible for development of entire use case.

    •     Responsible for gathering the requirement. 

    •     Responsible for documenting the entire flow. 

    •     Responsible for deploying the code to QA environment. 

    •     Debugging and troubleshooting the interface and fixing the Bugs


Project 3 - IT Industry (23 months)


        The Purpose of this project is to successfully deliver the reports for all the delegates who are currently submitting the encounters.

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    •     Analyzing Business Requirement Documents, creating Test Cases and Test Execution for the following with complete ownership – SIT for         System Testing (Requirement Analysis, Test Design and Test Execution). 

    •     Requirement traceability compliance tracking in ALM. 

    •     Completely took the ownership in End-to-End testing for Encounters Dashboard. 

    •     Encounters Dashboard is successfully running in production environment. 

    •     Identified multiple business perspective defects and reported the issues well in advance 

    •     Creating EDI files based on vendors with ASO, GHI, CCI, HIP members 

    •     Validating in BizTalk path for TA1, 999 and 277CA, Get the file generated in output path 

    •     Login to BAM portal to check BizTalk claim status with count’s (legacy claim, facets claims) 

    •     Need to place output files in NAS input path in FACET’S and request for require job run 

    •     Need to validate file status XX, once core job is completed need to validate claim status 16, 19 

    •     After core load need to request Cognos enable based on environment 

    •     Download report from Cognos and validate report against BAM, Biztalk, Facets 

Project 4 - IT Industry (19 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities:

    •     Creating ETL packages using Heterogeneous data sources (Oracle, Flat Files, and Excel source files) and then loaded the data into                    destination tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SSIS.

    •     Involving in Creation of Tables, indexes, sequences, constraints and created stored procedures and triggers which were used to implement         business rules.

    •     Gathering requirement from clients and implement data warehouse.

    •     Used transformations like Derived column, conditional split, aggregate, lookup, sort, merge join, Multicast, Execute SQL Task, union all,              merge, and data  conversion to load data into DWH.

    •     Created indexes to speed up query performance.

    •     Created Event Handlers for the Packages for Error Handling.

    •     Created Configurations to change the package properties dynamically.

    •     Build and Deployed packages to SQL server and Scheduling Packages for Intra Day and End of Day execution.

    •     Creating SSRS reports like Sub-reports, Parameterized reports, Drill down & Drill through reports from DWH database.

    •     Involved in optimizing the queries and improved the performance of the stored procedures in the database. 

Project 5 - IT Industry (12 months)

    Roles & Responsibilities:    

    •     Handled elicitation, analysis of all the requirements from the domain experts or analysts.

    •     Worked on the database design including designing different tables with appropriate column size that allows future requirements.

    •     Write the logic for cleaning and enhancing the required data for each report, then tested it on report servers and all users then send it for the           Production.

    •     When user is new to platform then providing him the necessary permissions

  • Certified as MuleSoft Developer MCD Level-1

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