Devops - 10 yrs




  • Cloud/DevOps/CI-CD-CT Technical Manager/Engineer with around 10 years of experience in solution architecture, design and development of applications, DevOps and CI/CD/CT Implementation, Cloud architecture and adoption, Infrastructure Automation, and Release Management of the Enterprise applications

  • Experience working in Agile environment.

  • Strong Experience with infrastructure automation and monitoring tools -Helm, Ansible.

  • Implementation of HA Proxy& NGINX in Kubernetes environment for cloud-infra readiness.

  • Focused on automation integration monitoring and configuration management.

  • Automated build and deployment using shell script to reduce human error and speed up production processes.

  • Knowledge on setting up and managing monitoring tools (Nagios,Zabbix) and centralized log management.

  • Experience in build automation using JENKINS and CI/CD/CT pipelines and multipipeline.

  • Experienced in working on AWS and its services like AWS IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, S3, ELB, Auto Scaling, Route 53, Cloud Watch and SNS(Kafka)

  • Automate tasks using Ansible Playbooks/ADHOC commands and Bash scripts.

  • Defining and setting development, test, release update and support processes for Devops operation.

  • Work closely with software developers and product management teams to deploy and manage scalable software services on the cloud and on -premise.

  • Define, deploy and integrate processes based upon ITIL framework - Incident, Change, and Problem.

  • Proficient in analysing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex information systems management.

  • Effective leader with excellent motivational skills to sustain growth momentum while motivating peak individual performances

Primary Skills
  • CI/CD

Secondary Skills
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • JIRA
  • Maven
Other Skills


~ CI: Setting up a pipeline to integrate the components of micro services to onboard them onto a dual stack k8s setup.

~ CD:Enhanced the Jenkins file to have various stages for a complete CD to onboard micro services such as image creation, scanning, testing and deployment

~ CT: Automated scripts execution of API health check status using JMeter to ensure all APIs are up and sending the report if any API’s down to stakeholders.                                                                       

~ DevOps: Deployed microservices on K8s setup using helm chart on single node and multimode setup.

~ Cloud-Infra Automation: Core responsibility includes Cloud Infra management and support, Automation, Cost efficiency, Governance, Cloud Security Management, Operational efficiency, automation, Cost estimation, Team coaching and competency development.

~ Operations Management: Sound knowledge of ITIL process and ITSM,SSM, JIRA tool.                                     


PROJECT1: - Finance Industry

    Environment :Oracle Cloud infrastructure, Oracle Kubernetes Engine

    WorkResponsibility: -

    • Managing the Oracle Cloud for ICICI bank.

    • Designing the OKE  6 nodes cluster and managing it.

    • Building and Managing the Infra nodes, DBCS Nodes and Nodes pools.

    • Designing the complete FO and BO OKE cluster for highest possible availability.

    • Building and Managing the Bastion Host and Jump server.

    • Managing the ISG control list and closing the open points raised by Security or compliance team.

    • Work experience in Oracle Cloud Guard, DBCS and Data integrator.

    • Design, building and managing the infrastructure environments needed for OCI.

    • Implementation of OPSI and Logging analytics for OKE .

PROJECT2: - Finance Industry (14 months)

    Software &Tools Used for work:CI/CD/CT: Jenkins, Configuration Mgmt.:  Ansible, Build tool: Maven, Project Mgmt.:JIRA, Monitoring tool:Grafana, Zabbix, Linux,MongoDB,core-java, VCS: Gitlab SVN, Containerization: Docker&Kubernetes, Cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, Jio (Jaws), &Shell script

    Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, terraform

    Being a Technical Manager for CI/CD/CT & DevOps, I was being involved in various R&D, Architectural Designs and decisions for Kubernetes and micro service deployment on edge platforms to onboard MEC on Cloud.

    • Deployed Kubernetes 4.7 cluster in a combination of VMs & BareMetal’s using assisted installer to test multiple networks on cloud.

    • Designed and Deployed Kubernetes v1.20.4 with Dual Stack to support both IPv4 and IPv6.

    • Design the helm charts to deploy micro services that’s works with Dual Stack.

    • Build a bash script to deploy the entire deployment stack.

    • Jenkins setup and working on the build issue and shared the build to concerned team.

    • Deployed JAR, WAR and J2EE application on Apache tomcat server using Jenkins auto deployment.

    • Created Customized AMIs based on existing AWS EC2 instances by using create image functionality, hence using this snapshot for disaster recovery.

    • Multistage Pipelines create on demand on user.

    • Docker images and Kubernetes, chef environment

    • Participating in requirements gathering and design phases and manages sprint planning.

    • Responsible for team daily scrum calls.

    • Development of end-to-end module and code review.

    • Manges Knowledge transfers and feature demos.

PROJECT3: Mate, ENABLE, RPA, Resolve - Electronic Industry (107 months)

    Software / Tools Used for work:JenkinsCI-CD-CT, Maven Ansible, VMware, Grafana, Zabbix, Kafka, Elastic search, shell script, RabbitMQ/Bitbucket,SQL Server 2008, Linux, Shell script, ITSM, JIRA, SSM, Python, .Net, Docker,Kubernetes,AWS, Terraform.

    Roles and Responsibilities:                       

    • Taking care of Server Administration tasks – User & Group Management, LVM and File system Management, OS hardening, Users and Files Permissions, Process and Resources utilization Monitoring, Firewall and security management.

    • Experience in creating and maintaining AWS USER Accounts, Security groups and VPC.

    • Experienced in managing infrastructures using configuration management tool with specific requirement of client.

    • Jenkins multipipeline deployed for Resolve automation tool.

    • Deployed Grafana and Zabbix for server monitoring for end users.

    • Build deployment on Kubernetes setup on AWS instances.

    • Troubleshooting of Performance issues, OS Issues, Application issues etc.

    • Work on Performance KPI application Where we provide the reporting of all the telecom circles KPI’s in the form of a report and dashboard to the client's by using Unix shell script’s, Flex and SQL Server 2008/12 database.

    • Provides full Infra support to production and Application Environments.

    • Root cause analysis of production issues and process failures

    • Setting up Backup and Restore Job

    • Patching and Upgrading SQL Server Software.

    • Server Monitoring script deployed on the SQL server.

    • SQL Agent Jobs creation with monitoring including Backup jobs, alerts and notifications

    • SQL Server Error Log monitoring.

    • Moderate knowledge of VMware SRM, v Realize Operations Manager, Configuration and Update Manager, Log Insight.

    • Perform planned Operating System upgrades in conjunction with the Server Engineering team.

    • Coordinate and perform physical to virtual migrations and the decommissioning of the migrated physical server(s)

PROJECT4: Sona Koyo Group - IT Industry (12 months)

    Roles and Responsibilities: -

    • Configuration of routers series (1800,3600,2800) and switched.

    • VLAN creation.

    • Managing LINUX and AIX servers.

    • Virtual networking configuration of instances.

    • Package management using RPM and YUM.

    • Virtual Machine administration.

    • User and Group Management.

    • LVM and File system management.

    • Installation, configuration, monitoring for Linux/Unix based Operating Systems.

    • Server commission & decommission.

    • Understanding, analysing the root cause of an alert and solving it. Timely escalation of complex issues to SMEs.



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