Mulesoft - 5 yrs




  • Senior Software Engineer with5+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology

with focus on design and development of web applications across multiple API’s, third party

integrations and databases

  • 3+ years of experience implementing integrations using Mule Anypoint Studio, Anypoint Platform -Design Centre, Exchange, Runtime Manager, API Manager and Mule Management Console, Access Management, Auto Discovery

  • 2+years’ experience as a testing engineer implementing Manual Testing using postman and Soap UI

  • Experience creating API-Specifications, importing API Fragments and Mocking Services in

Design Centre of Anypoint Platform.

  • Experience developing REST API’s.

  • Hands-on Experience with 3.x and 4.x versions of Mule.

  • Experience creating Batch Processes and Polling of events.

  • Experience handling Message payloads and its properties using Mule Expression Language

(MEL) for Mule 3.x.

  • Experience using various Mule connectors for integration of different Systems.

  • Experience deploying applications to Cloud Environments.

  • Experience in testing of applications using MUnit, SOAP UI, and POSTMAN.

  • Experience using API Manager for creating Proxies and applying Policies.

  • Requirements and Defect management using JIRA, Quality Centre, HP ALM.

  • Good experience using version control software’s SVN, Git.

  • Well versed with Project Development Methodologies Agile.

Primary Skills
  • Mulesoft

Secondary Skills
  • RAML
  • SQL
Other Skills

TECHNICAL SKILLS:                                                                                                        

  • Anypoint Platform: ESB, Anypoint API Designer, Cloud Hub, Runtime Manager, Anypoint Studio, RAML
  • Connectors: HTTP, Salesforce, Database, File, FTP/SFTP
  • Message Transformation: JSON, XML, Dataweave, Java Collections, Data Mapper
  • Database: MySQL
  • Tools: Anypoint Studio, Eclipse, SQL Developer
  • CI / CD: Maven, GitHub
  • Operating Systems: Window 7/8/10

PROJECT1: MSIL - Manufacturing Industry (18 months)

    Description: As part of this Project, client is estimated to develop and support the APIs which is going to integrate with Salesforce and legacy systems like oracle SaaS for sync of vehicle licence and registration details.


    • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML and REST based APIs.

    • Developed APIs with various patterns like Batch, request-reply, Scatter-Gather etc.

    • Extensively Used Mule Components that include HTTP, VM, Salesforce and Databases etc.

    • Deployed project on Cloud hub with Proxy application.

    • Consumed the RESTfulwebservices.

    • Data Weave 2.0 is used to transform the messages from XML to JSON & JSON-to-XML, XML-to-JAVA, JSON-to-JAVA.

    • Deprecated Data Mapper with Data Weave elements. Dataweave code to transform messages into target formats.

    • Understand requirement specification documents and develop custom applications.

    • Develop security configuration documents for the custom applications and batch programs.

    • Prepare technical documentation on all custom applications and integrations developed on the project.

    • Applied the policies in API manager.

    • Testing of APIs using Postman.

    • Conducted agile ceremony with Sprint retrospective meeting and gave demo to stakeholders once sprint end.

    • Send a DSR report to client and onshore Manager weekly.

    Technologies:Mule ESB, Mule enterprise runtime 4.3.0, Dataweave, MUnits, JSON, XML, JAVA.

PROJECT2: Anheuser-Busch - Manufacturing Industry (26 months)

    Description: As part of this Project, integrating with Jira and Chatbot for customer related issues, queries related to Stock and distribution information


    • Develop REST APIs using MuleSoft Anypoint API Platform.

    • Participate in requirements gathering sessions with application developers and functional users.

    • Involve in API design sessions to decide various resources within each API, message schemas, message formats and authentication.

    • Extensively Used Mule Components that include HTTP, Jira, VM and Databases etc.

    • Develop RAML documents using Anypoint API Platform. Provide mocking services to application developers.

    • Implement the APIs using API-Kit Router in Anypoint Studio.

    • Use Database and HTTP connectors to implement API Methods to read and write data into Postgres SQL.

    • Develop API Portals to document the APIs.

    • Unit test the APIs. Support user testing.

    Technologies:Mule ESB, Mule enterprise runtime 3.9, 4.3.0, Data weave

PROJECT3: Internal Testing of Cherub It Solutions Private Limited - Manufacturing Industry (25 months)


    • Gathered and documented the business requirements from business and technical teams.

    • Test scenario preparation, Test case preparation, Preparing Requirement Traceability matrix,

    • Maintaining defect tracker sheet.

    • Analysing test estimation and maintaining Q&A sheet for my analysis.

    • Attend defect review meetings and preparing the defect summary report.

    • Reviewed test scripts created by peers, participating in defect analysis and defect prioritization,

    • Participating in Functional Specification Reviews and client calls

    • Preparing Burn down chart for releases and presented to clients.

    • Preparing complete project tracking report related to testing activities.

    • Preparing Unit Testing defect classification reports.

    • Test Data collection using SQL queries

    • Preparing Defect Density reports and projected to Test Function Owner in every week meeting.


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