Mulesoft - 5 yrs




  • Over all 5+ Years’ Experience in Information Technology with proficiency in Designing, Development, Implementation and testing.

  • Around 3 Years 5 Months of experience with the Mule Soft platform as a Mule Soft Developer.

  • Experience in designing and developing RAML based API’s using Anypoint API Platform.

  • Used several connectors like HTTP, Database, Salesforce, File and SFTP.Design and implement RESTFUL/SOAP Web Services using various data format (JSON, XML) to provide an interface to the various third-party applications.

  • Hands on Experience in implementation of Transformation and building the Data weave and implemented the complex Data weave coding in the current project.

  • Experience in building complex Mule Flows, Scopes, Error Handling strategies, Message Filters, Validation, Transformation, Message Enricher and Flow Controls.Have used SQL and database technologies extensively on several projects.

  • Worked extensively on writing efficient SQL to read and write data.Good exposure to Continuous Integration and Delivery using DevOps GIT.

  • Have implemented Error handle mechanism and written MUnit test cases to validate the Mule flows.

  • A Strong team player with the ability to balance high-level skills with maximum productivity.

Primary Skills
  • Mulesoft

Secondary Skills
  • RAML
  • SQL
Other Skills
  • Environment                         : Windows, Linux/Unix.
  • Middleware Tools               :MuleSoft 4.x.
  • RDBMS                                     : MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server.
  • Tool                                           : SQL Developer, Postman, Advanced Rest Client.
  • CI/CD                                         : Devops, Jenkins.
  • Source Tools                          : GIT.
  • Design Tools                          : RAML.

PROJECT1: - Finance Industry

    Environment    :      Anypoint Studio, Mule ESB, RAML API Design, Anypoint Platform

    Description: PNC Bank in US is a regulated bank, based in Mayfair, London. PNC Bank is a Shariah- compliant challenger bank based in US and is part of the PNC Financial Group of companies. PNC Bank is a pioneering US Bank offering Shariah-compliant ethical savings, home finance, buy-to-let finance, commercial property finance and more.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Done with transformers, exception handling, testing & security of Mule apis through OAuth2.

    • Used Data Base Connectors to connect with respective systems using Mule ESB.

    • Experience in Any point API platform on designing and implementing Mule APIs and publishing an API to Exchange

    • Created MULE ESB artifact and configured the MULE configuration files and deployed. .

    • Developed the services to access the core services and provisioning services using Mule ESB v4.3

    • Configured different Mule Connectors like HTTP, Database and inserted data using Postman.

    • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML and REST based APIs using APIKit

    • Configuring the Mule process for fetching the data from Database.

    • Designed and developed applications using variables and flow designers,

    • Developed Corresponding Mapping files and Configuration files.

    • Developed the integration flows using a Mule Soft ESB framework.

    • Created RESTful APIs using MULE-ESB for cleaning up data in the database as part of maintenans.

    • Developed integrations using connectors such as Data Base, HTTP, and FTP.

    • Developed integrations using SQL Server DB connectors and also HTTP, FTP Connectors.

    • Involved in creating multiple query parameters using inbound and outbound properties.

    • Developed APIs and deployed locally and also published to Exchange.

    • Involved in Error handling  Strategy.

    • Using Batch Execution component for transactional data flow.

    • Involved in choice, scatter-gather flow control.

    • Executed data to Database for each and bulk process.

    • Extensively used Mule Components that include Data Weave, File Transport.

PROJECT2: Adelaide Service Delivery - Finance Industry

    Environment:     Java,Springboot,Database 


    SAWater Supplying water and sewage services to 1.6 million South Australians.

    This integration enables Maximo system (SAWater's Asset Management system) to integrate with Click system (Schedule and Maintenance system) via SpringBoot.


    • Involved in design and development of the user interface.

    • Writing the dependencies using spring IOC framework.

    • Implemented Hibernate framework for mapping Java classes to database tables.

    • Involved in writing service classes and Data Accessing Components.




  • Mule Certified Developer Level -1 (Mule 4).

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