PTC - Windchill - 8 + Year

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science


  • Windchill PLM Functional Consultant with 8+ years of experience.

  • 8 Years of Experience in the IT Industry as a PLM Test Lead.

  • Windchill Integration Testing with CAD Applications like Creo, WGM, SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, Mentor Graphics, Altium and Auto CAD.

  • Experience in Designing Test Cases/Plan as per the Business requirements.

  • Handling Business Objects (Parts & Documents), Lifecycles, Workflows, ACLs, Teams, Roles, Groups, Users and Templates.

  • Experience in Document Management and Reporting

  • Ability to assess the current processes, identify improvement areas and suggest technology solutions.

  • Worked on Windchill PDMLink, ProjectLink, and PartsLink.

  • Knowledge on Windchill Integration with CAD Applications.

  • Worked as Test Lead, Windchill Support Engineer and Windchill Administrator.

Primary Skills
  • CAD Management
  • Change Management
  • JIRA
  • PartsLink
  • ProjectLink
  • Windchill Business Admin
  • Windchill PDMLink
  • Windchill Support
  • Windchill System Admin
  • Windchill Testing
  • Windchill Upgrade

Secondary Skills
  • BOM Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Java
  • Rehosting
  • SQL
  • Windchill Customization
  • Windchill Migration
  • Windchill ThingWorx
  • Windchill Workflow
Other Skills
  1. Language Skills/ Tools: Basic Java, HTML,SQL and PTC Products (Windchill (11.X and 12.X)
  2. Operating Systems: Windows 10/11/12
  3. Agile Tools: JIRA, HP ALM, SILK and Dimension.
  4. Database: Oracle, MySQL.
  5. Windchill Reporting
  6. Document Management
  7. Windchill CAD Integration

Windchill-SAP Integration Testing - Manufacturing Industry

    • Distribution of Legacy and new part to SAP via ECN Process.


    • Validate windchill attributes in Plant Specific SAP Environment.

    • Transfer EBOM to SAP using Change Process.

    • Validate attributes such as State,Revision,Related objects etc.

    • Setting up distribution target for WtPart and validate the status post distribution through ECN.

    • Validate the Negative scenarios when the part revision is already present in SAP.

    • Distribute Multi-mat and Single-mat CAD data to SAP and validate according to business requirements.

    • Fetch custom Distribution reports and validate the status of distribution.

Windchill CAD Integration Testing - Manufacturing Industry

    • Performing ECN and ECR activities to distribute data on to SAP systems and Validation of data.


    • Windchill CAD Integration Testing where part and BOM will be published whenever ECN release is completed.

    • Distributing BOMs to SAP using ECN and validating data on SAP Systems/Plants.

    • Integrate windchill with CAD applications such as Altium, SolidWorks, Auto CAD, Mentor Graphics, CATIA and NX using Windchill Workgroup Manager.

    • Testing the Migrated BOMs and distributing data via ECN to SAP Systems.

    • CAD Drawing Stamping Validation and Title Block Updates of Custom Attributes.

    • Creating Multimat Data set to validate business rules during Workflow Process.

    • Validating BOM data transfer in Dark Mode (Read Only).

    • Setting Distribution to BOM and validating data transfer to specified Plants.

ECN Flow and Business Rules Validation - Manufacturing Industry

    Change Management Process, ACL, Workflow

    • As per customer requirement ECN flow has been designed and Customized including Business rules.

    • TISAX Security Labels Testing.

    • ECN Release rules Testing.

Windchill Document Management Testing - Manufacturing Industry

    Manual testing of Lifecycles and Workflows.

    1. Understanding the Business Requirements during Sprint Planning Poker Meeting with Business Analysts/ Architects.

    2. Identifying the Testing Scope and Effort Estimation.

    3. Designating the Tasks within the test team to achieve the Sprint Scope on time.

    4. Windchill Desktop Integration Testing for all Microsoft Applications (Word,PPT,Excel).

    5. Auto CAD Integration with Windchill Testing

    6. Windchill document testing for Custom Attributes.

    7. Merging PDF Customization Testing on Documents with Microsoft applications as attachments.

    8. Customized Lifecycle and Workflow testing.

    9. Validating windchill Routing process according to business requirements.

Windchill PDMLink/ProjectLink Automated Testing - Manufacturing Industry

    Windchill Test Planning, implementing automation using UFT and running test cases.

    1. Windchill Document and Part Creation and entering attributes using UFT Automation Tool  

    2. Creating workspace and setting default folder path using automation script.

    3. Automate Login and Navigate through Windchill Application.

    4. Object search using QTP Tool.

    5. Weekly Script Execution Post Deployment and providing Test Updates.

    6. Performing Monthly Regression to validate system performance.

    7. Smoke test performance post major deployments.

Creating Data sets using xmls - Manufacturing Industry

    Creating Custom Test data for DEV team.

    • Creating Manual data sets using ETOX Tool for Windchill Objects.

    • Creating xmls for Change Notice and Approval Packets.

    • Feature file creation with Test data inputs.

    • Manual loading of Test Data.

Windchill Upgrade Testing - Manufacturing Industry

    Upgrading Windchill from 11 to 11.1

    1. Checking PTC Compatibility Matrix of new Windchill Version.

    2. Creation of Test Plan for Windchill Upgrade.

    3. Functional tests of existing Change Requests.

    4. Windchill Integration Testing for CAD Applications using WGM and Creo.

    5. Windchill License Profile Testing

    6. Windchill Desktop Integration.

    7. Validate data transfer to SAP.

    8. Existing Customization Testing (Merge of PDF, Go to Latest, Stamping & Title Block)

    9. Performing Negative Tests.

    10. Performing Smoke Test post TLS Update.

    11. Validate workflow process post go live.

    12. Hypercare support post go live.

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Key Skills - Self Rating
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  • BOM Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
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  • Windchill System Admin


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  • Windchill Customization
  • SQL


Key Skills - Self Rating
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