SAP - 12 yrs



  • A Dynamic Professional with 12 years of SAP technical experience in various Projects and roles. Currently working as Consultant.

  • Have worked in Agile Methodology.

  • Having experience in handling teams of technical resources.

  • Handled varied nature of projects like End to End implementation, SAP Support, Product Development, and SAP New Dimensions Products.

  • Excellent Client Facing Skills. Worked with variety of clients and domains, Ranging from Media, Automobile, Steel, Conglomerate, Oil and Gas and Power.  

  • Experience of lead roles in projects. 

  • Project and process related experience in the project.

  • Experience of full life cycle of the project E.g. BBP, Cutover, and UTD, IT, Go-Live strategies and Hyper Care.

  • Constantly involve in training and development. Within the organizations.

  • Delivery driven approach to delivers requirements on time, with all related high quality process documents.

  • Committed team player with interest and zeal to learn new skills and technologies. 

  • Good communication and documentation skills, proven ability to work on multiple tasks concurrently completing them with in time. 

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills
  • TM
Other Skills

SAP Expertise

  • Expertise Web Applications using Webdynpro ABAP framework.
  • Used MVC Architecture for High level Reusability.
  • Webdynpro Service Call, Model Classes, Context Mapping and Context Binding.
  • Worked on Enhancement of standard Webdynpro Components (Using Pre, Post and Overwrite Methods and Component Usage)
  • Dynamic Programming in Webdynpro ABAP.
  • Experience in Using FPM (Floor Plan Manager) framework for SAP standard UI Guidelines. GUIBB and UIBB Using FLUID. 
  • Experience HANA for ABAP using SQL and PLSQL, AMDP (ABAP managed database procedure) and CDS(Core data service) Views
  • Experience in new Open SQL in S4 HANA.
  • Exposure to SAP Gateway systems.
  • Strong Debugging Skills.
  • Expertise in SAP ABAP/4 Classical and Interactive Reports, Dialog Programming, ALV, Object Oriented ABAP.
  • Creation and maintenance of ABAP Data Dictionary.
  • Experience in Idocs and Adobe Forms. 
  • Experience in Object Oriented Programming.
  • Worked on function Modules, and local and global classes.
  • Worked on BOPF programming for SAP TM, SAP PLM. 
  • ABAP Web services 



Project-1 - IT Industry (23 months)


    • Onshore offshore delivery models.

    • Worked on couple of Reports and Enhancements.

    • Enhancement in Spec and Recipe management.

    • Worked on Enhancements related to TM module. Worked on couple of enhancements related to Determination and validations in TOR. 

    • Worked on Process Control Classes in SAP TM.

    • Planning and execution of milestones in the project

    • Actively involved in process and project management activities.

    • Creation of CDS and AMDP procedures for various requirements.

    • Recipe Load programs. And Recipe enhancements. 

    • PLM Implementation for BOMs and BOM sync.

    • Mentoring Junior Resources. 

Project-2 - IT Industry (37 months)


    • Managing and leading a team of 15 Consultants from Offshore. 

    • Daily object tracking and reporting. 

    • Objects assignments and review.

    • Planning and execution of milestones in the project.

    • Worked on couple of Reports and Enhancements (UI and Process).

    • Designing of the architecture and process in the project for PLM and EHSM. 

    • Developing Complex Objects. E.g. (development related to BOM Management and Risk Matrix.) 

    • Developing the automation process in PLM Process routes in Engineering Records and Change Management.

    • Worked on Inbound and Outbound Idocs and proxies for System Integration.  

    •  Worked on Adobe forms for (Label Sets, BOMs and Specifications and ER )   

    •  Developing CDS and AMDP for Material Hierarchy and Product Hierarchy.

    • Multiple CDS views for data extraction.           

    • Worked on multiple Odata Changes

    • Worked on Multiple objects on SD and MM

Project-3 - IT Industry (11 months)


    • Onshore offshore delivery models.

    • Objects assignments and review. 

    • Worked on couple of Reports and Enhancements.

    • Actively involved in process and project management activities.

    • Creation of CDS views for multiple objects 

    • Worked on Forms and Idocs (Inbound and Outbound)              

    • Code ready for HANA migration. 

Project-4 - IT Industry (19 months)


    • Webdynpro application based for Sales Order Update from third party system. 

    • Report for Open sales order based on AMDP methods 

    • AMDP Classes for Forwarding orders in SAP TM.

    • Integration with SAP TM Freight Orders with Delivery and updating Custom fields using proxies and BOPF.

    • Additional fields in Freight Order screen and Validation.          

    • Created Adobe forms for FU and FR for sales orders and in TM  

    • Created Validations in TM for TOR and TRQ.

    • Enhancement of TM screens with the help of FLUID and component configuration.        

    • BOPF programming 

    • FPM enhancements in freight order screens and transport request screens. 

    • Creation of freight orders from SAP S4 system using custom proxies 

    • Created enhancement in Freight orders for fuel calculation using Engine.

    • Report for Picking and packing and PGI based on CDS views.

    • Price List enhancement for displaying the price list using AMDP methods. 

    • Various Interfaces based on SAP Net Weaver’s Gateway.

    • Objects assignments and review. 

Project-5 - IT Industry (18 months)


    • Managing the object assignment/allocation within the team members. Guiding the team members in their deliverables. 

    • Manages team of technical resources, Responsible for all deliverables for the team.    

    • Project management related activities. Object wise tracker for PMO      

    • Maintaining trackers for billing and estimations.

    • Created a FPM GUIBB application for Risk assessments in EHS.

    • Approval for Expenditure Solution for Oil and Gas Industry (Involves Fully Integrated

    • Transactional Webdynpro Applications with forms for approvals).

    • Enhancement of standard FPM application on FLUID for Risk Matrix in EHS.

    • Enhancement of standard BOPF for incident creation and additional fields for incident.

    • Created Webdynpro component for Hygiene results.

    • Enhancement in EHS for Incident creation.

    • Enhancement in PM module for Work order and notifications.

    • Worked on Adobe Forms for Billing, Sales, Delivery and transport.

    • Mentoring and managing junior resources.

    • Responsible for overall EHS enhancements objects in the team and handled them.

Project-6 - IT Industry (12 months)


    • Enhancement in Standard Webdynpro for SRM shopping Cart.

    • Enhancement in Standard Webdynpro for SRM in RFx strategic management and questionnaire.

    • Develop RFC function module for pricing data from Legacy systems.

    • Development of critical Production Issues in SD and MM.

    • Develop a Webdynpro ALV report for Sales order data based on stock. 

    • Implicit Enhancement in standard routines and methods for claim create and PIP.

    • Developed a Webdynpro Component for Step by Step Debit Process for Claims Using GAF FPM.

    • Development of Warranty Dealer registrations Webdynpro Using FPM OIF Component.

    • Implementation of BADI for WTY Transactions for warranty header Pane.

    • Developed a Webdynpro Application in which multiple components exist for Displaying ALV as well to Create Return Parts and their status using Application configuration.

    • Developed a Webdynpro FPM application for Product tracking and search and stock transfer.

    • Development of Webdynpro Component for Sales and warehouse

    • Smart from for Claims Approval. And ALV for the same. 

Project 7 - IT Industry (9 months)


    • Reports for Updating Material Master through BAPI   

    • Reports for RG1 and Form 4 Registers.

    • Developed a module pool for packing list for SD module for updating Batch characteristics.

    • Report for Material and batch status for COGI and Batch Cockpit.

    • Modification done in IW32 Transaction checking the system condition

    • Enhancement spot in Vl01 for checking document condition 

    • Enhancement spot in IW31 for Making Field Mandatory

    • Enhancement spot in IW21 checking Functional location and Equipment Entry

    • Implemented BADI for Additional Header details in MIGO 

    • Implemented BADI for Vl10b by for checking open items for Customer  \      

    • Report for Sending Mail to the Vendor after creation of Order. 

    • All ALV Reports Have been developed using OOP Technology

    • RFC Call through BAPI from different servers.

    • Actively indulge in requirement of client and solving.

Project 8 - IT Industry (3 months)


    • Customize the Export module and Import module as per Requirement. 

    • Develop Reports Excise Registers, Forms tracking, 

    • Develop Government Statuary forms ARE1 and Excise Documents

    • Develop Reports for Purchase and Sales Related to Exports and imports document        

    • All the data extract, update and validate through Global Classes.  

    • Develop a Program to Send Mail in HTML Format for Intimating the Bank Guarantee expiry date. 

Project 9 - IT Industry (3 months)


    • Developing the Imports Exports Module with all Documents type (i.e. Import) Using Object Oriented methodology.

    • Import Flow Development which contains Bank Guarantee, Imports Document, Letter of credit         

    • All the data extract, update and validate through Global Classes.  

    • All the ALV reports are developed using Object Oriented ABAP.    

    • Developed Smart form for Imports Module.


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