SAP - 12 + Year



  • Worked on SAP BI components like Corporate Memory, Data Mart ADSOs, ODP Data sources, Open ODS Views, HANA Optimized cubes, Composite Providers, Info Cube, DSO, Data Source, Transformations, Data transfer Process, Multiproviders, Infoset, Open hubs…

  • Implementation of BW objects which includes Data Modeling, Data Extraction, Generic Data Extraction, Data Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, LO Cockpit, BEX Queries.

  • Worked extensively in the areas of SD, MM, FI, PP, QM, PM, PPM and PS Functional Modules.

  • Worked extensively on extracting data from multiple source systems like S4 Fashion, S4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP CAR, SAP B1, AXPOS, RMS & other DB systems.

  • Expertise in Data Loading (Initial / Delta Up-Load), Scheduling and Monitoring.

  • Flat File Extraction for Transaction data and Master Data.

  • Involved in changing the Existing data model of an Info Cube by adding new Characteristics and Key figures, involving the Re-initialization of Data Sources in SAP R/3.

  • Involved in creating a Generic Extractor using Tables and Views.

  • Involved in setting up the procedures for LO Cockpit, involving Activating the Business Content Data Sources, Maintaining the Extract Structure, Generating the Data Source, Activating the Data Source and Enhancing the Data Source.

  • Worked on Calculated and Restricted Key Figures, structures, variables and conditions for the queries in BEX Query Designer.

  • Worked on Transportation of objects.

  • Worked extensively in BEX Analyzer in Creation of Workbooks.

  • Worked on Performance issues like creating and dropping indices, compression of requests in info cubes, creating aggregates.

  • Having Knowledge in scheduling and accessing the reports from Cognos BI.

Primary Skills
  • SAP BW

Secondary Skills
  • ABAP
  • SAP MM
  • SAP PS
  • SD
Other Skills
  • Data warehouse                    :  SAP BW4 HANA 2.0, SAP BI 7.5, SAP BI 7.4, SAP BI 7.3, SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 3.5
  • Programming Language       : ABAP Knowledge.
  • ERP                                      : SAP R/3, ECC 6.0, IS Retail, S4 Fashion (FVB)
  • OLAP Reporting tool             : Analysis for Office (AOF), SAP (BEx) Analyzer, SAP (BEx) Query Designer, CognosBI, Power BI.

Project 1- (Implementation& Production Support) - IT Industry (70 months)

    • Currently Working on B4 HANA 2.0 Migration Project.

    • Migrated BW 7.5 from On Premise to Azure cloud.

    • Worked extensively on extracting data from multiple source systems like S4 Fashion, S4 HANA, SAP ECC, SAP CAR, POS, RMS, SAP B1 & other DB systems.

    • Requirement Gathering from the users/Brans team.

    • Designing the BW flows as per the business requirement and documenting it. 

    • Ensuring the requirements are completed within the given timeline with cent percent data Quality.

    • Coordinating with Teradata and power BI teams ensuring the complete data reconciliation.

    • Involving in all the support activities.

    • Developing ADSOs, Composite providers in HANA Design Studio and creating BEx queries for reporting the desired output for the business users.

    • Training the users in using the BEx reports through BEx Analyzer.

    • Handling the support issues and fixing them with permanent solutions as per the given timelines.

    • Closely working with the brand teams, understanding the requirements and providing the user-friendly reports through which their business analysis would be easier.

    • Optimizing the system though SAP Standard practices.

    • Streamlining the system by performing all the housekeeping activities regularly.

Project 2- (Support Project) - Manufacturing Industry (4 months)

    • Worked on the priority reports to be developed.

    • Ensuring the data load completion and validating the data with the ECC data.

    • Interacting with end users for requirement gathering for new reports and new developments.

    • Extensively Worked on Production, dispatch, stock related issues.

    • Worked on issues related to inventory.

    • Worked on complex reports as per the client custom requirements.

    • Involved in documenting all the specifications related to the business development design.

    • Training the end users to use the reports in a user friendly way.

    • Enriching the users to know how the standard objects of SAP are helpful in achieving their desired report outputs.

    • Actively involved in resolving the priority issues post GST Implementation.

Project 3- (BI Migration/Optimization Project) - IT Industry (7 months)

    • Involved individually in migrating all the business model data flows from 3x to7x versions.

    • Worked on Process chains for optimizing the daily Master and Transaction data loads performance.

    • Worked on Critical data flows where all the load performances are slow and ensured better performances.

    • Handled all the cutover activities and transporting all the objects to production system.

    •  Implemented the required performance tuning techniques wherever required to ensure the better load performance and completion of daily process chain loads within the specified time.

    • Worked on optimizing the code ensuring the increase in performance of data extraction from source systems.

    • Worked for the project in two phases and handled all the issues, defects post go live and handed over the project with all the technical documents with complete satisfaction to the customer.

Project 4- (Implementation & Production Support) - IT Industry (22 months)

    • Activated Standard Data sources in SAP ECC and replicated into SAP BW.

    • Involved in Installing Business content objects as per requirement.

    • Involved in creating of Data targets like DSO and InfoObjects.

    • Involved in creating Transformation, Infopackages and Data Transfer Process (DTP) for the Data Loads.

    • Loaded the data from R/3 to BW system using Initialization with delta update and full update method.

    • Configured and extracted data from the LO Cockpit extractors.

    • In this project involved in modeling phase, unit testing and Integration testing.

    • Carried out Data Validation between the source system data and target data and analyzed whether the values are populated correctly.

    • Transported all developed objects in ECC and BI across the system landscape.

    • Involved in creation of Process chains for Transaction and Master Data loads.

    • Collection of objects into right Transport request number and releasing the tasks.

    • Involved in Performance related issues, generated and maintained aggregates and rollup.        

    • Designed and developed daily process chains for loading the data from ECC to BI.

    • Designed and developed DataStore Objects (DSO), InfoObjects, Datasources, Infoproviders, DTP, Transformations, Generic Datasources and Reports.

    • Monitoring the daily process chains & handling support issues.

    • Implemented all functionalities in the BEx Query Designer during creation of BEx Queries - Filters, Variables, Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Formulas, Exceptions, Conditions, Structures, Variable Processing types and Variable types.                        

    • Created Queries as per specifications.

    • Involved in daily monitoring the system and resolution of errors.

    • Actively participated in Unit and Integration testing’s.

    • Scheduled Daily/Weekly/Monthly data loads.

Project 5- (Implementation& Production Support) - IT Industry (29 months)

    • Daily monitoring of Process chains.

    • Involved in tickets regarding extractions, performance issues and also load failures.

    • Involved in validating data consistency in reporting with Data Target against PSA after loading them to data targets.

    • Experienced in Designing of queries, workbooks from Info Cubes.

    • Enhanced the data sources as per the client business requirements.

    • Designed and developed Process chains for Master data loads and Transaction data loads.

    • Data extraction from R/3 and legacy systems according to the client’s requirements.

    • Installed Business Content as and when required.

    • Worked with BEX Query designer using Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Variables, Structures, and Query properties, Filters, Free Characteristics, Conditions and Exceptions.

    • Uploaded master and transactional data from SAP R/3 OLTP system and flat files.

    • Migrated Datasources from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 OLAP Systems.

    • Created Transformations & DTPs.

    • Involved in the creation of Infocubes, Multiproviders, InfoObjects.

    • Extensively involved in installing the Business content objects like InfoAreas, InfoObjects, Infosources, Infocubes, DSOs, Multiproviders, standard reports, and Infopackages for HR, SD, MM modules.

Project 6- (Production Support) - IT Industry (18 months)

    • Responsible for Monitoring the Data loads through Process Chains.

    • Actively involved to solve the prioritized tickets.

    • Daily monitoring of Infoprovider object requests.

    • Documentation in the area of Change Management like CR’s, Problem tickets, etc.,

    • Involved in tickets regarding extractions, performance issues and also load failures.

    • Involved in Validated data consistency through data reconciliation.

    • Involved in Gathering the Reporting requirements from End-users.

    • Resolved the errors occurred in loading transaction data.

    • Scheduling the job according to the customer requirement like time, date and frequency of the job using the transaction SM37.

    • Maintaining the work history until the tickets are closed down.

    • Involved in submitting the Ticket Status (Open/Close) report.

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