Microsoft .NET - 10 yrs

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science


  • Worked on migration from netcore3.1 to net6.0.

  • Developed and maintaining utilities such as ETL (configuration based) using .NET technologies.

  • Handling one of the major ongoing Indian projects.

Primary Skills
  • C#
  • Dot NET

Secondary Skills
  • Database
Other Skills

Environment and Tools Used: -

.Net 6.0, Xamarin

.Net Core (1.0,2.0,2.1,3.0,3.1),

.Net Standard (1.0,2.0,2.1),

.Net Framework (3.5,4.0,4.5,4.7,4.8),

SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle 10g, IIS, Crystal Web Reports 8.5, Visual Source Safe, TFS, SVN, SSRS, Vault Client.

Languages: - C# (4,4.5,5,6.0,8.0), VB.NET,

XAML, Python, TensorFlow, ASP.NET (Web Forms   &   MVC),   WEB   API   2.0,   LINQ,

Angular.js, Angular2/4/6/8,11 framework, Vue.js, JavaScript, jQuery, ADO.NET, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX, Bootstrap.

ORM: - Entity Framework, EF Core.

   IoC/DI container-: Unity.

SOA: - Web Services, WCF, Rest API

Applications: - Web & Windows Applications, SPA, SOA, ML Models for Image, Face, Speech Recognition.

Design Patterns: - Factory, Singleton, Observer, Repository, Iterator, Decorator, Strategy, State.

Databases: - MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server 2008/2012/2016.

Web Servers: - IIS 6.0/7.0

Operating Systems: - Windows XP/7/8.

Project Planning Tools: - JIRA, SDLC process.


Project 1 - IT Industry (58 months)

    • Worked on migration from netcore3.1 to net6.0.

    • Developed and maintaining utilities such as ETL (configuration based) using .NET technologies.

    • Handling one of the major ongoing Indian projects.

    • Handling multiple simultaneous projects related to the retail domain.

    • Handled research work based on Machine Learning and developed a variety of POC’s.

    • Efficiently took a hand over of a product in a week and provided continuously timely deliveries.

    • Worked for developing Start Up Framework which will be responsible for hosting all company applications along with registering dependencies.

Project 2 - IT Industry (15 months)


    • Working on a PV domain product as a Senior Consultant.

    • Currently developing a product PVQ nGen responsible for providing reporting facility to the clients using .NET (MVC & WEB API2) and Angular 2 along with Cognos as an AD-Hoc reporting tool.

    • Responsible for architecting and designing the new solution, along with development and leading the dev team, coming up with new technologies and implementing them

Project 3 - IT Industry (24 months)

    • Working on an Insurance domain product for brokers from last one year. Currently Working as Team Lead for the offshore developer’s team. The Application is a Web based application integrated with other components as Web Services, Widows Services.

    • Started as advanced software engineer and eventually got promoted to formal designation of Sr. Software Engineer\Team Lead.

    • Have been a consistent team player in the product development team consisting of 8 developers and 4 QA resources.

    • Responsible for leading the dev team, implementing new enhancements, along with Prod support to existing clients.










Project 4 - IT Industry (29 months)

    • Started career as a trainee and eventually got promoted to formal designation of System Engineer.

    • Worked on Web and Windows Application both.

    • Windows Application using Windows forms and Crystal Reports for Reporting.

    • Involved in enhancement of the product and have worked on client site.

    • Recognized thrice (via email) by the VP of the client for innovation and delivering in thin timelines.

    • Primary responsibilities included – providing services to the other core teams and configuring new products on the insurance domain based web product for a prestigious insurance firm.

    • Played an important role as a valuable resource to the team of 6-7 people.

Projects Handled - IT Industry


    1. Inventory Project

    Role – Consultant

    Description – A product to handle all the operations involved to handle the Inventory of a store and enterprise level.

    2. Rule Engineer

    Role: - Lead and Developer

    Description: - A product for setting up and dynamically calculating relationships or rules setup by the user, to fetch which all Items satisfied by the rule dynamically and statically.

    3. ETL Utility

    Role: - Architect

    Description: - Created a utility responsible to extract data from multiple format files which is all mentioned in a configuration file, and transform in models runtime (mentioned in another configurable file) and then executing on tables (mentioned in another configurable file) or via EF Core into DB.

    4. Framework

    Role: - Developer

    Description: - Worked with team to develop a framework to host console or web application on various platforms and runtime adding their dependencies with deferred mechanism

    5.Customer Review & Feedback:

    Role: - Developer

    Description: - Developed an App using Xamarin technology on .net for customer’s satisfaction and review feedback.

     6. X-Alt (An Insurance product for Brokers)

    Role: - Sr. Software Engineer\Team Lead

    Description: - X-Alt is a comprehensive technology solution to enhance the productivity and efficiency of an insurance broker’s business. It caters for the full range of business processes for an Australian Insurance Brokerage, and focuses on maximizing the revenue.

    7. Login Assistant

    Role: -   System Engineer

    Description: - Worked in a team of 4-5 developers. Developed both online and offline application for creating Electronic Benefit Illustration (EBI) for the products. Have clubbed the common features of like products (ULIP's, Term Products etc.) to reduce the development time so that product can be launched within same day if required. This initiative has reduced the repetitive development effort as well as time of team to separately develop in online application and offline windows application. We handle Web Service for EBI generation used by several teams including ours as well as third party like Policy Bazaar to display product features. Have developed responsive UI for online Login Assistant so that website can be easily accessed in tablets, mobiles and PC.

    8. Projection Web Service

    Role: - System Engineer

    Description: -Developed WSDL web service for surrendered policies EBI.

    9. SMS Service

    Role: - System Engineer

    Description: -Developed SMS service for receiving quotes through SMS. User sends SMS with product name and minimum required inputs, in response user receives returns for the requested product.


Industrial Training at Bharat Electronics Ltd: -Have done training in BEL from 06 June 2011 to 05 July 2011.

Have worked on assignments provided by the RM during the industrial training

Net Training from DUCAT: - Got training in .NET from 08 June 2010 to 30 July 2010.

Have learned ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and C# for building Windows applications as well as websites.


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