PTC - Windchill - 6 yrs



Windchill Customization:

  • Custom Actions

  • Custom Validator

  • Workflow Customization

  • Business Rule

  • Listner implementation

  • Form Processor Customization

  • Life Cycle and OIR

  • Custom Data Utilities

Windchill Upgrade:

  • WinDU task execution to find data issues

  • WinRU task execution to resolve data issues

  • Windchill Upgrade Manager

  • Setting up target system for Upgrade

Windchill Business Admin & System Admin:

  • Installation and configuration of Windchill PDMLink and PartLink starting from windchill 10.x to Windchill 11.x

  • Windchill upgrade from 10.2 to 11.1 and 11.0 to 11.1

  • Supplier Management and MPM Link Module 11.1 M020

  • Windchill BOM Management and options & variant

  • Windchill product analytics tool. WPA 11.0 M010

  • Document, Part, BOM, Change Management, Supplier Management

  • Business configurations like User, Group, Team, Workflow, Liefcycle, IBAs, ACLs & OIRs etc

  • Installation, Windchill Cloud, Export/Import, Rehosting, Upgrade etc.

  • Re-hosting, Clustering, Replication, Vault configuration.

  • Enterieprise ldap configuration,Single Sign-on with Microsoft AD And shibboleth

  • Installation and adminstration for Thingworx and Single sign-ons implementation for thingworxs

  • Installation and configuration of CAD worker for Creo, SolidWorks, AutoDesk Inventor and Adobe with Windchill.

Primary Skills
  • Windchill Customization
  • Windchill Upgrade

Secondary Skills
  • BOM Management
  • CAD Management
  • Change Management
  • Windchill Business Admin
  • Windchill Support
Other Skills

Windchill-PLM, Installation and Configuration, CAD tool and worker installation and configuration, Upgrade, Customization, testing ,Documentation,


Starkey - Customization & Upgrade Consultant - IT Industry

    • One of the most leading industry in manufacturers of medical hearing   aids.They provide the Evolve AI Hearing Aids features the most advance technology in the worldwide with best possible hearing experience.This project work involved upgrading windchill system from 11.0 to 11.1 &  development as per business needs.

    • Customization includes

      • Utility to change WTPart and WTDocument subtype change

      • Fetching Custom Part report State Wise

      • Custom Validator to hide action based on role and security label

      • Business Rule implementation for Multilevel BOM

      • Change request Workflow customization

      • Form Processor to Validate attribute specific data

      • Custom Actions for Load from File

      • Security label Customization as per business needs

      • Listener implementation for Bom Management to create variant

      • Custom Life cycle and transitions

    • Windchill Upgrade

      • WinDU/WinRU task execution and issue resolution.

      • Upgrade Manager

      • Updated build deployment.

      • Supplier Data migration

    • Rehost to PTC Windchill cloud

      • Here we did manual re-host On-Premise to PTC Cloud platform.


Ericsson – Configuration and Administration - IT Industry

    Project-Description: One of the most leading industry in manufacturers of networking and    telecommunications devices. This project work involves in Windchill Administration & Support.

    Which includes Customization as in :

    • Document and Part Subtype Creation

    • Custom Lifecycle and OIR

    • Custom BOM and Where Used Part Report

    • Actively involved in PLM- Windchill transition for Client-Ericsson and manages the team in order to successfully maintain and grow this account.

    • Windchill monitoring and maintenance activities.

    • Windchill Rehosting & Backup.

    • Windchill patch update

    • Build deployment and testing.

    • Windchill performance and Monitoring.

    • License management for users

    • CAD worker setup and administration.

    • Anark configuration and administration

    • Handling end user issues.

Ericsson - WPA Administration & Support - IT Industry


    One of the most leading industry in manufacturers of networking and telecommunications devices. This project work involves in Windchill compliance Administration & Support.

    • WPA monitoring and maintenance activities.

    • Handling user issues related to Material declaration, Integration system, Addition on CAS number and access related

    • Preparing build for newly REACH, ROHS compliance update

    • Preparing custom build for Ericsson banned substance

SKF - Windchill Upgrade and support - IT Industry


    One of the most leading industry in manufacturers of bearing for Automotive sector. Thisproject work involves in task execution of upgrading windchill System.

    • Customize Promotion Request Workflow

    • Preparing source system and target system, Windchill 11.0 Rehosting

    • Application and ldap backup

    • Windchill 11.0 and 11.1 installation procedure preparation and environmental setup

    • Index server installation and configuration

    • Load balancer, Multi master set up in cluster environment (Set up clustering environment from monolithic system.)

    • CAD Worker implementation for Creo, Autodesk Inventor, Solid works, Office Worker.

    • Source System WinDU/WinRU Healings.

    • System configuration deployment.

    • System development deployment.

    • Setting up Enterprise corporate directory and Vault setup

    • Windchill performance tuning.

    • Executing upgrade process from end to end.

    • Handling user testing issues.

Stryker – Windchill Administrator and Configuration - IT Industry


               One of the most leading industry in manufacturers of medical/surgical devices throughout the worldwide. This project work involves in Windchill Administration & Support.

    • Analyze and Prepare solution for issues occurs to user related to application.

    • Configuration of Vault, Additional Ldap, CAD workers.

    • Monitoring of Windchill daily health check.

    • Part of Monthly and weekly restart Windchill application.

    • Raise PTC support case for the Incidents which are related to OOTB issues.

    • Prepare knowledge base article for repeated issues.

    • Worker agent management, wvs job monitor, Participant administration

    • Vault troubleshooting.

    • Solving workflow related issues, Managing domain policy for folder

    • Installation of windchill pdm link and solar engine on server.



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Key Skills - Self Rating
  • Windchill Customization
  • Windchill Support


Key Skills - Self Rating
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  • Windchill System Admin
  • Integration
  • Windchill Migration
  • Windchill Customization
  • Windchill Customization
  • Windchill ThingWorx
  • Windchill DBA
  • Windchill Testing


Key Skills - Self Rating
  • BOM Management
  • Windchill Customization


Key Skills - Self Rating
  • Windchill Testing
  • Windchill Testing