• Hosting of websites on Windows Server

  • Working with database software to find ways to store, organise and manage data

  • Extract data from database as per user requirements using SQL Queries.

  • Creating Crystal Reports.

  • Troubleshooting

  • Keeping databases up to date

  • Helping with database design and development

  • Managing database access

  • Ensuring that databases meet user requirements

  • Liaising with programmers, applications/operational staff, IT project managers and other technical staff

  • Managing database security/integrity and backup procedures

  • Implementing security measures

  • Defining objectives through consultation with staff at all levels

  • Writing reports, documentation and operating manuals

  • Provide user training, support and feedback 

  • Archiving data.

Primary Skills
  • SQL
  • T-SQL

Secondary Skills
  • Crystal Report
  • Excel
  • SSRS
Other Skills
  • Languages                : HTML, CSS
  • DBMS                        : SQL, MS SQL SERVER,  SSIS, SSRS
  • MS Office                  : Office, Excel, Power Point
  • Operating System    : Windows 
  • Technical                   : Crystal Report, Basics of IIS, Power BI

Project 1. UiPath (Internal) - IT Industry (13 months)

    Description :

    Working for client UiPath.  Project is an internal project of UiPath.


    Roles & Responsibilities :

    • The project is to analyze and generate utilization of the UiPath Products which are using by the clients and identifying Risk Analysis.

    • Further support Power BI Developers / Gainsight team to pull the data from snowflake queries which i created and also extract the data from the snowflake as per the teams requirement for analysis and company’s requirements.



Project 2. ARPAN (Army Record Office Process Automation) - IT Industry (36 months)

    Description :

    The project is a web based application involved fully automation of Indian Army Record Office work and documentation  of all Army Personnel.

    Role & Responsibilities :

    • As a Developer, I have to design SQL stored procedures as per the requirement for the project.

    • I am the core member of the team on launch and roll out plan of ARPAN software in Army Record Offices. 

    • Given training of ARPAN software to 25 teams (10 members in each team) and also given continuous training to newly posted persons to the office to work with the ARPAN software..

    • Interaction with clients for identifying and rectifications of bugs which involved a lot of database modification.

    • Interaction with developer for bugs and enhancements if any .


Project 3. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) - IT Industry (36 months)

    Description :

    The project is a web based application involved fully automation of personnel documentation of posted personnel of Indian Army at various locations.

    Role & Responsibilities :

    • Implementation of HRMS software to 200+ Army units by giving them training.

    • Compilation of bugs in the software and intimate the same to the developing team.

    • Testing of software on bugs intimated them before deployment of the patches to the environment.


Project 4. Cyber Security Officer - IT Industry (37 months)

     Role & Responsibilities :

    • Monitoring security access

    • Conducting security assessments through vulnerability testing and risk analysis

    • Performing both internal and external security audits

    • Analyzing security breaches to identify the root cause

    • Continuously updating the company’s incident response and disaster recovery plans

    • Creation and maintenance of ADDS.


Project 5. Office Superintendent / Clerk - IT Industry (60 months)

    Role & Responsibilities :

    • Liaision work with various organisations.

    • General correspondence 

    • Drafting & Noting 

    • Record maintenance 

    • Over all responsibility / supervision & monitoring of the General Administration 

    • Managing the safety & security of the office by following processes & procedure and follow-up action on the policy matters

    • Manpower Management

    • Monitoring of staff work


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