Automation Test - 5 yrs



  • From the moment produced "Hello World" in the console, it has become a full fledged passion that only gets more exciting as days go by.

Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
Other Skills
  • Python (Scripting & Testing)
  • API (Testing & Automation) using Rest Assured & Postman/Newman
  • JavaScript/NodeJS
  • Core Java (Cucumber Framework) Puppet (Configuration Management) Git



Automation Engineer(Independent Consultant) (12 months)

    • Worked on Test Framework Development and improvement strategies. Reviewed existing systems and made recommendations for improvements. Tracked test reports  failures determined by root cause analysis.

    • Created successful test scripts to manage automated feature testing.

    • Assessed software bugs and compiled findings along with suggested resolutions for development team members.

    • Assessed threats, risks and vulnerabilities from emerging security issues to advise pertinent stakeholders on appropriate measures.

    • Reduced 17% cost spent on cloud (EC2) instance by implementing cost-saving initiatives that addressed long-standing problems.

    • Automated whole Test formation/procedure stack and integrated them into pipeline.

    • Extensively worked on AWS, Python, Java and NodeJS.

Automation Engineer (11 months)

    • Reviewed documentation to identify necessary changes in simulation and support capabilities.

    • Wrote JavaScript Automation code to verify trigger logic of web forms. Performed Data driven testing to validate components displayed on website using Selenium Web  Driver.

    • Tested Restful API services Using Postman.

    • Develop Node based Automation scripts using JavaScript.

    • Reviewed code to validate structures, assess security and verify browser, device and operating system compatibility.

    • Collaborated with other developers to identify and alleviate software errors and inefficiencies.

    • Worked with Robot framework and libraries such as Selenium, Locust.

Automation/QA Tester (34 months)

    • Tailored testing procedures to obtain data most relevant to understanding underlying causes of production limitations.

    • Database Testing: SQL Query writing and optimization Preparing migration testing scenarios and creating, executing queries to test the mapping of the databases.

    • Tested functional and compatibility of new programs or updates in comparison to existing applications.

    • Reduced overall testing hours 42% by writing and optimizing automation test scripts in Robot/PyTest/UnitTest framework.

    • Wrote and optimized test cases to maximize success of manual software testing with consistent, thorough approaches.

    • Tracked, prioritized and organized defects with X-Ray (Test Management JIRA Plugin), working with development team to facilitate timely corrections.


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