SAP - 10 + Year



Overall 9+ years of experience in IT industry.

GRC Security

  • Configuration of GRAC 10.1 for applications like ARA, EAM, BRM & ARM.

  • Configuring of EAM on user-based Firefighter ID’S

  • Creating and assigning Firefighter ID's to firefighters, owners and controllers on approvals.

  • Creating Access control owners for FFID owner/controller, Role/Risk owner and Mitigation Monitors/approvals etc.

  • Mitigation of User by assigning to appropriate Mitigation Control Id and remediation.

  • Validating & provisioning the requests at different stages.

  • Worked on MSMP for Workflows.

ECC Security

  • Having 9 years of hands on experience as SAP Security Consultant on following environments SAP ECC 6.0

  • Expertise in developing roles with proper naming convention depending upon business and functional requirements for ECC systems.

  • Proficient in maintaining single, composite, and derived roles using Profile Generator (PFCG).

  • Experienced in developing the roles according to the functional Organizational values, like company code, Purchase org, Sales org etc.. as per Business area.

  • Experienced in resolving and correcting authorization errors by utilizing SU53, STAUTHTRACE and ST01. 

  • Extensive experience in resolving issues and troubleshooting security authorization 

  • Problems while adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLA).

  • Worked with internal and external audit teams and created reports using SM20, activated audit log using SM19 and deleted old log using SM18.

BI and BPC Security

  • Creating BW roles and restricting them in Queries, Info cube, Info area levels.

  • Used Transaction RSECADMIN for creating Analysis authorizations and used S_RS_AUTH for assigning authorization objects to roles for end users.

  • Created Analysis Authorizations based on value level and Hierarchy levels.

  • Used S_RS_COMP and S_RS_COMP1 for Restricting the queries.

  • Assigned DAP’s to users for BPC access

SAP Fiori Security

  • Create users in Fiori and assigning backend roles

  • Create Tiles, groups and catalogs and adding to roles

  • Activating ODATA services

  • Activating UI Services

  • Assign a User to the SAP Fiori Launchpad

Primary Skills

Secondary Skills
  • SAP MM

Philips and PepsiCo (16 months)

    • Organization : LTIMINDTREE

    • Duration : 1.4 Years

    • Environment : ECC 6.0, EHP 8, Oracle 10g/11g

    Roles & responsibilities

    • User administration

    • Role administration

    • Handling Authorization issues in SAP ECC, GRC, BI and BPC modules

Takeda Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD and Hexion Pharmaceuticals. (48 months)

    • Organization : CAPGEMINI

    • Duration : 4.0 Years

    • Environment : ECC 6.0, EHP 8, Oracle 10g/11g


    This project is specific to SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 dealing with one of the leading pharmaceutical company called Takeda pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd in Japan and Europe regions.

    Roles & responsibilities

    • Used PFCG in creating single, and derived roles based on the Company code level security and maintained Org Values.

    • Solved Authorization issues using SU53 and efficiently conducted trace using ST01 to optimize authority checks.

    • Assigned many common roles to users by using SU10.

    • Generated report with security tables such as AGR_TCODES, AGR_USERS, AGR_DEFINE, AGR_1251 etc.

    • Used following transactions on daily basis SU01, PFCG, SU24, SUIM, SM59, SU53 and ST01 for providing technical support to users.

    • Maintained check indicators for Transaction codes using SU24.

    • Experience in working with Transports (STMS) in transporting roles between Development, QA and Production systems.

    • Experience with Role based security design (role creation, transports and organization levels).

    • User locks and password maintenance.

    • Responsible for creating user IDs based on a standard naming convention, setting up of new users, modifying user accounts, resetting passwords, locking and unlocking user IDs.

    • Mass user Maintenance.

    • Utilize SE16 and SUIM to retrieve various data

    • User SAST tool for access provisioning.


    • Organization : Unilever Pvt. Ltd.

    • Duration : 4.0 Years

    • Environment : ECC 6.0, Oracle 10g/11g

    Roles & responsibilities

    • Supporting of SAP GRC 10.0.

    • Configuring EAM and building the Reason Codes.

    • Activating BC Sets for Workflow.

    • SOD Reviews and remediation.

    • Maintaining Configuration settings.

    • Providing emergency access via EAM.

    • Creation of Firefighter IDs for emergency support to FFID based on request.

    • Assigning new owners to FFID and changing FFID owners.

    • Pulling ARA and FFID Reports as per requirements.

    • Mapping Owners, Firefighters and Controllers using NWBC.

    • Creation of Mitigation Approver, Mitigation Monitor and risk Owner.

    • Creation of BI roles and ECC roles.

    • Generating Audit Reports for auditors.

    • Creating Analysis Authorizations.

    • Have good experience in role modification.

    • Creating User’s and set up Business partner no’s.

    • Central User Administration (BD64 , SCUM, SCUL, SCUG)


    • Organization : Unilever Pvt. Ltd.

    • Duration : 4.0 Years

    • Environment : ECC 6.0, Oracle 10g/11g


    This project is related to specific set of users within the organization who perform certain activities for MDM ( Master data Management).

    This project involved GRC 10.0 version for role assignment for the users as part of SAP access management

    Roles & responsibilities

    • User Administration: Creation / Maintenance of the User Master Records through GRC.

    • Providing access to the users through the GRC ARM.

    • Maintaining Firefighter, Firefighter ID, Owner and Controller, Assigning Firefighter ID to the user, extracting & analyzing log reports.

    • Locking / Unlocking users and Resetting the user passwords and intimating password policy.

    • Providing Display / Change access to SAP OSS id to work on critical issues.

    • Generating and producing reports on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

    • Dealing with User Roles, Profiles, Authorization Objects and field values in Authorizations maintenance according approvals.

    • Analyzing and resolving the authorization issues through SU53 screen shots & ST01 with running trace.

    • Creating single, composite, and derived roles using Profile Generator (PFCG) and modifying the roles with proper approvals.

    • Changing PFCG roles as per business request and generating with SUPC.

    • Assigning additional roles to the existing users based upon Request.

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