Full Stack Developer - 14 yrs



  • Technology driven professional with 14.5 years of experience in Software Development &TechnicalSupport to the team.

  • Strong experience on building the service oriented / microservice-stylearchitectures.

  • Strong experience on building theobject oriented design pattern and microservice design patterns.

  • Strong experience in Java, Kotlin, J2EE,Spring Framework, RESTful Web Services, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Hibernate and JPA, Angular JS, MySQL and Micro services.

  • Strong experience in Version Control tools like Git andBitbucket.

  • Hands-on experience in developing web applications and APIs.

  • Experience in application performance tuning, code profilers, code reviews.

  • Responsibilities at various levels includes, User Requirement Analysis, Use Case Preparation, Design User Scenario, Technical Design Plan Preparation, Development Effort Estimations, Resource Planning/ Allocation for Client/ Server and Web based Applications

  • Hands on experience in Crystal Clear and Pentaho ETL Reporting Tools.

  • Strong experience in Deploying projects in application and web servers.

  • Strong collaboration & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly & utilize the same in a productive manner.

  • Exposure to Agile Methodology and Waterfall development process.

  • Quickly adaptable to client processes.

Primary Skills
  • Java Script
  • jQuery
  • Springboot

Secondary Skills
  • AWS
  • GIT
  • HTML
Other Skills
  • Programming languages : Java and Kotlin
  • Microservices : RESTful and CQRS Style
  • Frameworks : Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.
  • ORM Tools : Hibernate and JPA
  • Security : Keycloak, JWT and OAuth2.0
  • Version Control Tools : Git and Bitbucket
  • Server Administration  : Windows, CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Servers
    • Web Server : Apache, Nginx
    • Caching : Redis
  • Database
    • SQL : MySQL
    • NoSQL : AWS DynamoDB
  • Container  : Docker
  • CI/CD  : Jenkins
  • Logging : ELK
  • Cloud  : AWS
  • Web Technologies  : JDBC, Servlets, JSP and JSTL, Thymeleaf, Angular
  • Designing Technologies : HTML5, CSS, Thymeleaf and Bootstrap
  • Scripting Technologies   : JavaScript, Typescript and JQuery  
  • Testing  : Postman
  • IDE : Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea and STS
  • Reporting Tools  : Crystal Clear, Pentaho ETL
  • Methodology : Agile and Waterfall

Console Cloud


    Console Cloud is smarter real estate and property management software. It’s made for Australia and New Zealand real estate agencies who want to succeed by doing less and making more.

    Console cloud is powerful cloud-based technology that comes with a suite of apps, portals and integrations to help you retain and attract owners and tenants to grow your business. With powerful workflows that automate your admin and save you hours each week.

    • 3500+ agencies currently using Console software.

    • 1M+properties are managed using Console Software.

    • 40% of the time saved on Admin when using the Console’s workflows.

    All-in-one Console software that powers successful property management agencies.

    Role : Squad Lead


    As a squad lead, my responsibility is

    • To gather requirements of each dev cycle consists of 4 sprints i.e. two weeks per sprint.

    • Create the technical overview and receive the customer's approval before moving forward.

    • Create complex storylines, implement patterns when they are needed, and give the team subtasks.

    • Make sure they are finished before the conclusion of the release cycle, and plan to finish them in minor release

    • Plan KT sessions for the team to ensure that they are knowledgeable of all the product's features.

    • I'm available, taking care of all production issues with the utmost urgency, and reporting to the client to confirm the problem and offer assistance.

I GOT X (X=Domain like Garbage, Skills, Knowledge, Crops, Weaves)


    I Got Garbage
     is a Mindtree initiative in the area of ragpicker livelihood and solid waste management. Its primary goal is to improve the livelihood and working conditions of ragpickers, and to help them integrate into mainstream economy. An equally important goal is to involve citizens and communities in solving the problem of managing solid waste, such that we collectively create jobs for hard working ragpickers, and make our cities cleaner.

    I Got Garbage uses the power of IT to add predictability and structure to the work of the informal sector (ragpickers, scrap dealers) and social businesses.

    We are a Cloud based IT platform, and offer capabilities such as an ERP for ragpickers, Citizen Engagement Platform, Waste Management Services Marketplace, and a Ragpicker Benefits Tracker. Additionally we work with social businesses towards process improvement as well as help build partner ecosystems; such that we can collectively help achieve our goals of "dignified livelihood for ragpickers" and "less landfills for all".


    • Involved in understanding the business requirements.

    • Involved in designing the functionality and technical flow of the business requirements.

    • Involved in giving the estimates of design and coding.

    • Involved in real time support of the application.

    • Coordinating with Dev-ops team for SIT, UAT and Production deployments through AWS Cloud.

    • Responsible for giving the Status Reports.

  • Received HATS OFF Award and Team Award on the success of Paperless Inspections Release (2021)
  • Received HATS OFF Award on the success of the INVOICE module (2016)
  • Received A-Team Award on the success of IGG Release (2015)
  • Received Outstanding Individual Contribution Award for OTC Reports Release (2014)
  • Received Spot on Award on the success of GMSS Release (2012).
  • Secure merit certificate in Olympiad National Talent Test.
  • Won prizes in Caroms and Chess tournaments.

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Key Skills - Self Rating
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