Developer - Full Stack - 11 yrs

MCA - Computer Science


  • Lead Software Engineer with 11.6 years of experience and an excellent track record of building, architecting and delivering highly reliable, scalable, heavy data-driven and high-performance system/software across a variety of areas and technologies.

  • Currently Working in Wonderment Apps Technology Solutions Private Ltd since March-2021 as a Lead Software Engineer.

  • An active team player with excellent communication and analytical skills.

Primary Skills
  • . Net
  • . Net core
  • Asp.net core
  • Java Script
  • Rest API

Secondary Skills
  • Postgre SQL
  • React JS
  • Redux
Other Skills
  • Back End: C#, ASP.NET CORE, Node.js, ExpressJS, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Rest APIEntity FrameworkLINQ, Dapper, TypeORM, WCF, ASP.NET, SignalR, RestSharp, Shopify App Development, Solidity, Hardhat.
  • Front End: ReactJS, React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, Thunk, SagaNextJS, Jest, ​​Enzyme, React Testing Library, Reactstrap, AntD, Material UI, Storybook, React Router, i18next, Emotion, Styled Components, Apollo Client, Fetch API, Axios, Lodash, Thirdweb, EthersJS, Web3JS, jQuery, ExtJSFabricJS, Momentjs, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, SEO.
  • Database End: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Database Designing, Query Optimization.
  • Cloud: AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS SNS, AWS Cloud Search, AWS Chime SDK, AWS AppSync.
  • Patterns & Principles: SOLIDREST, DRY, KISS principles. MVC, Factory, Singleton, Strategy, Generic Repository, Unit Of Work patterns. N-Tier, Clean/Onion, Multi Tenant, Serverless, Microservices, Monorepo architectures.
  • Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concept and design.
  • Others: Mixpanel, GIT, JIRA, Postman, Insomnia, Swagger, ngrok, Zeplin, Figma, InVision, GitLab, SmartGit, TortoiseGit, GitHub Desktop, Perforce.
  • Software: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, SQL Server Management Studio, pgAdmin 4, MS-Office etc.
  • Operating System: Window-XP, Window 7, Window 10, macOS.
  • Above 30/wpm typing speed.



    eVerse is a next generation entertainment platform built with web3 technologies to revolutionize the creator economy for the better.

    Role & Responsibility: Connect to digital wallet, video and metadata files upload to IPFS, Smart Contract Integration with UI and Designing UI components.

    Tools & Technology: JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Serverless Framework, Aurora, TypeORM, GraphQL, AWS AppSync, Solidity, Hardhat, Thirdweb, Filebase, NFT Storage, MUX.

Stamps Mobile App

    Stamps Mobile App

    Allows postage creation, postage history management, refund, tracking updates, managing funds and account.

    Role & Responsibility : Project setups, manage global states, integrate APIs, add reusable components, bind data to UI, design screens, and fix issues.

    Tools & Technology : JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native, TypeScript.



    A platform for learning.

    Role & Responsibility: Worked on back end and front end to build real-time media application that allows audio and video calling and content sharing.

    Tools & Technology: AWS Chime SDK, JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, C#, ASP.NET Core, SignalR, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, AWS SNS.



    • Mitchel provides end to end claim solutions to the auto insurance industry. 

    • Role & Responsibility: Created front end modules, added new endpoints to REST API, Optimized REST API to reduce response size.

    • Tools & Technology: ReactJS, Redux, Saga, TypeScript, Jest, Material UI, Emotion, i18next, Storybook, ASP.NET Core, C#.

Million Story


    Million Story is a media website and campaign platform that primarily distributes video news content and political campaign material to mobile devices and social platforms.

    Role & Responsibility: Created back end and front end applications from scratch.

    Tools & Technology: C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Entity Framework, SQL SERVER, AWS S3, AWS Cloud Search, ReactJS, Redux, AntD, Lodash.

Casting Networks


    Casting Networks is the leading provider of casting and audition management software to the casting industry.

    Role & Responsibility:  Developed Talent Representing front end app and back end services.

    Tools & Technology: ReactJS, NextJS, Node.js, ExpressJS, Styled Components, Apollo Client, Lodash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Reactstrap, Formik, Storybook.



    Confiant is ad security vendor that detects issues and BLOCKS them.

    Role & Responsibility : Created front end app from scratch.

    Tools & Technology : ReactJS, Redux, Fetch API, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.



    Stamps.com is a leading provider of Internet-based postage services

    Role & Responsibility: Created 5 single page front end applications from scratch. Added new endpoints to Web API to support front end apps.

    Tools & Technology: C# ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, SQL SERVER, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS, FabricJS, Bootstrap and Shopify App Development.



    StoryScout is the ultimate IP marketplace.

    Role & Responsibility: Developed parts of front end and back end applications. Fixed bugs.

    Tools & Technology: C# ASP.NET MVC, SQL SERVER, Dapper, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Mixpanel, AWS S3, AWS Cloud Search.

  • Six month project based industrial training on .NET 3.5(C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008) from Ducat, Noida.