Developer - Full Stack - 6 yrs

Bachelor of Engineering


  • Over 6.5 Years of experience as a Full-stack Java/J2EE web developer with diversified exposure in analysis, design, development and implementation of web based application.

  • Strong programming skills in designing and implementation of multi-tier application using web based technologies like Spring MVC and Springboot.

  • Experience of working on data hydration using Apache spark and Apache airflow.

  • Core knowledge in developing applications using Angular JS, Angular 2/4/8/9, JavaScript front- end technology.

  • Having good understanding of various domains like Capital Market, Master Data Management, Crude and oil industry workflows, E-commerce etc.

  • Proven success in leadership, operational excellence, and organizational development with a keen understanding of key business elements. I am recognized for timely delivery and output-oriented approach to deliver data hydration tasks in MDM business solutions.

Primary Skills
  • Angular
  • Java Script
  • Springboot

Secondary Skills
  • GIT
  • HTML
Other Skills
  • Programming Language : Java.
  • Frameworks : Spring MVC, Springboot 2>,JSF, Apache Spark, Apache Airflow
  • Front End Technology : Angular JS and 2/4/8/9
  • Web Technology : HTML, JavaScript.
  • Web Server : APACHE TOMCAT.
  • App Server : Weblogic 12c, JBoss
  • Version Control : GIT, Bit bucket.
  • Development Tool : Intellij, Spring Tool Suit, Eclipse, Visual Studio.
  • Build Tool : Maven.
  • DBMS : MySQL, Oracle SQL

Master Data Management (SG Analytics)

    Duration: September 2021 – Current

    • Client: BNY Mellon

    • Description: Collecting all Client, Account, Product etc data and store it at central database location.

    • Responsibilities: Deliver data hydration tasks which include UI, backend as well as Apache airflow dag development and deployment.

    • Environment: Java 8/11, Springboot 2>, Apache Airflow and Apache Spark, Angular 8/10 for UI.

    • Database: Oracle SQL

RIMS (FIS Global )

    Duration: Mar 2019 – September 2021

    • Description: RIMS is FIS one of the product which used in trade middleware and back- office processing

    • Responsibilities: Involved in product module redesigning. Implementation of end to end functionality.

    • Environment: Java 8, JSF1.1.2, Spring 4.2, Angular 2/4/8, JavaScript. Server: Weblogic 12c

    • Database: My SQL Server

Speakup App (Rule14 LLC)

    Duration: Feb 2018 – Mar 2021

    Description: SpeakUp, as the name itself suggests, is a mobile as well as web application where consumers can voice their complaints or provide suggestions and feedback for a company, product or service be it a Ministry, a hospital or a food joint as a consumer.

    Responsibilities: Involved in integrating Spring REST Web services with Angular Implementation of end to end functionality.

    Environment: Java, spring 4.2, Ionic 3,Angular4,Javascript

    Database: MS SQL Server 2012

Reliance Workflows (Bypass & Crude Blend Management)

    Duration: Feb 2017 – Feb 2018

    Client: Honeywell Automation

    Title: Crude Blend Management (CBM)

    Description: Crud blend management for particular blend by comparing blends parameter with standard parameter values, from the standard parameter values we decide the blend is deviated or not.

    Title: Bypass Management System (IBMS) For different sites have various plants, so for that plant if any machine got any problem user raise bypass request for that tag ID of machine by selecting duration

    Responsibilities: Involved in integrating REST Web services with Angular JS. Implementation of end to end functionality.

    Responsible for delivering quality work to the client. Environment : Java, spring 4.2, Angular JS. Database : My SQL

ASIA Inspection (Mindnerves Technlology)

    Duration: Jan 2016 – Feb 2017

    Description: Asia Inspection is a product inspection project. This application having different section where Inspector, Supervisor, Protocol Supervisor uploads product images up to 50MB.We have stored that images into local Indexed DB with different key value pair

    Responsibilities: Involved in integrating Spring REST Web services with Angular Implementation of end to end functionality.

    Environment: Java, spring 4.2, Angular JS.

    Database: MS SQL, Indexed DB