A platform to realize your TRUE potential

& start your entrepreneurship journey !

TEKNIKOZ is a platform for like minded techies who want to deliver their best. The idea behind TEKNIKOZ originated from our two decades of first-hand experience in the world of IT services serving companies globally by providing Technology Recruiting solutions. With collective knowledge of our professionals, TEKNIKOZ has built strong partnerships and delivered right talent at the right time to help succeed. With this platform, we intend to retrieve those talented gems that are lost in the ocean of IT Outsourcing factory.

What we do is essentially staffing but with a difference - a huge difference. Our objective is to enable people to find their true potential and we do everything we can to make it happen. We’ve built a culture of trust and transparency & we only employ people who share this same passion.

We aim to bring a more genuine approach to recruitment, and build long-term relationships with the businesses and candidates we support. We love what we do and take pride in it. We will always strive to make people who connect with us (customers or consultants) happy. That’s the reward we truly strive for.

Is this platform for everyone

Yes, it is for everyone who feels confident about their skills, has the attitude to take up the challenge, willingness to learn, enhance their skills and prove themselves to be a master of their skill.
If you believe you love technology but do not have the opportunity to use your skills, or in a dilemma - unsure if you are ready to make a change for any reason, please talk to us.
We will take the time to understand your background, skills, your professional needs and carve out an engagement that suits your specific requirements.

How are we different?

We do things differently, here's how:

  • Our objective is to enable people to find their true potential. Every consultant who joins hands with us is treated as a "partner-consultant".
  • We have a simple profit-sharing formula. We keep a small margin and pass back maximum benefit to our partner consultant. We have extremely low overheads, no red-tape and most-importantly, no investors that we are answerable to.
  • If the partner-consultant performs great and gets more than expected revenue, the benefit is passed on to the concerned partner-consultant.
  • We encourage our consultant-partners to think like an entrepreneur. Any new business they generate automatically makes them the primary beneficiary of the profits.
  • We believe in the goodness of our partner-consultants and the relationship is founded on mutual trust. We do not tie down our partner-consultant with heavy legal contracts. We are here to create opportunities and a better future for everyone associated with TEKNIKOZ.